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No doubt now: Jeb Bush eyeing 2016 race

AP Interview: McConnell wants to stop coal rules

Senate OKs nominees and tax bill as term nears end

Spending bill cleaves Pelosi from Obama and Senate

Jeb Bush (almost) announces he'll 'explore' candidacy

Obama urges Senate to pass $1.1 T spending bill

Senate OKs nominees and tax bill as term ends

Analysis: Weak jobs report delivers blow to Obama

Time to act, Obama declares, taking oath 2nd time

US Senate panel votes to authorize force in Syria

NSA head says spy programs thwarted terror attacks

Piece-by-piece on immigration in House

Gun control backers: Senate defeat won't stop us

Fresh off victory, NRA holds convention in Houston

Consequences of failure laid out in budget fight

Giffords pleads for gun curbs NRA fights back

Obama's budget: Election-year themes to rally Dems

House Republicans debate handling immigration

Still time to dodge the cliff, Obama, Boehner say

Cliff talks hit a lull with Boehner's 'Plan B'

Over the fiscal cliff: Soft or hard landing?

Debt limit overtaking shutdown as US crisis focus

Top Aussie biologist offers stem cell hope

Budget office: Wage hike would lift pay, cost jobs

IRS apologizes for targeting tea party groups

Filibuster fight: Senators scrapping over nominees

Q&A: Probes of IRS treatment of tea party proceed

Clinton records: President feared 1994 losses

House GOP debates how to handle immigration issue

The inaugural do-over: chomping gum, savoring view

Senate approves fiscal cliff legislation 89-8

Police shoot, kill driver after Capitol Hill chase

Obama lashes Republicans as government reopens

Obama balances military threats, diplomatic hope

Reports show gun homicides down since 1990s

House rejects farm bill, 62 Republicans vote no

Senate GOP blocks Hagel vote for now

Montana Democrat Baucus rules out 7th Senate term

NRA study suggests trained, armed school staffers

House Democrats weigh role in new Benghazi probe

Americans face prospect of status quo Congress

GOP OKs platform barring abortions, gay marriage

Weak job growth makes bold Fed action more likely

Over the fiscal cliff: Soft landing or dizzy dive?

Some conservatives rebel over 'fiscal cliff' talks

Health care woes help Republicans in 2014 election

House's rejection of farm bill leaves few options

Documents show IRS also screened liberal groups

House Republicans, White House seek end to fight

FACT CHECK: A tired old gun stat still in service

Controllers to return flight delays sway Congress

Senate vote nears, background check bill in peril

A respite for Medicare Social Security no worse

Year after massacre, gun control groups keep hope

Obama urges Senate Dems to put off Iran sanctions

Some exempted from minimum wage, increased or not

Clinton sought Republican support for health care

Powerful Washington lobbyist Boggs dies at 73

With war shifting, US, Russia talk Syria's future

Cliff poses tiny dollar gap, wide political ravine

Over the fiscal cliff: Soft or hard landing?

House race in South Fla., 7 other contests drag on

New IRS head says taxpayers no longer trust agency

Democrats face divide over a strike on Syria

Senate _ finally _ approves Obama nominee for ATF

Government shuts down as Congress misses deadline

Senate Oks bill to avert shutdown fight not over

Senate gun bill would expand background checks

Background check bill faces likely Senate defeat

Lawyer: Congressman Grimm to face federal charges

Supporters say Keystone bill short of 60 votes

Parts of US Capitol closed after asbestos accident

Obama, Boehner clash as cliff edge approaches

Obama, GOP duel over rising college expenses

Quick hits and other moments from Obama inaugural

Over the fiscal cliff: Soft or hard landing?

Senate and House at impasse Shutdown looms

US shutdown deepens fears of looming debt crisis

Senators closing in on deal to reopen government

Senate Democrats push Obama nominees

Senator vows to speak at length against Obamacare