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China to hold parade, invite leaders to mark World War Two anniversary

China to hold parade, invite leaders to mark end of World War Two

Ex-crew recognizes photos of sunken Japanese battleship

Billionaire Paul Allen and team find sunken Japanese warship

Microsoft co-founder says he found sunken Japan WWII warship

Billionaire Paul Allen and team find sunken Japanese warship off...

Oscar-winning director: Poles should see 'Ida" not debate it

German pensioner needs drill to dig for Nazi-looted Amber Room

Foreign talks to Congress often a yawn, but not Netanyahu's

Soviet army monument banned from returning to Warsaw square

Decades after war, Vietnam and the US battle a legacy of bombs

Liberia calls for Ebola 'Marshall Plan' to rebuild economies

It's raining cats and tourists on a Japanese island

Boehner, bipartisan group pressure Obama on Ukraine

Children in Southern California breathing easier, study says

Twitter, law enforcement investigate alleged Islamic State threats

Netanyahu: 'Enemy of Your Enemy, Is Your Enemy"

Netanyahu: 'Don't be fooled' about Iran and ISIS

"Boris Nemtsov was killed, because he could be killed" - Kasparov

UNESCO chief decries 'cultural cleansing' in IS video

70 years on, survivors keep memory of Battle of Manila alive

Lawmakers gear up for Supreme Court Obamacare fray

China questions U.S. threat of U.N. sanctions on South Sudan

Tena Stivicic's '3 Winters' wins Blackburn Prize

Israeli Leader Thanks US, Obama, Warns on Iran

Women to make up half the winners in local French elections

Latvian synagogues lost in Holocaust get recreated in model form

Snoop Dogg 'drips' it like it's hot at Etam Paris pool show

For Israeli leader, blocking Iran deal a matter of legacy

Lyndon Johnson linked Latinos, civil rights in Selma speech

15 years on, museum where slaves landed taking form

Tug of war: Obama, Congress at odds over who's in control

Review: Author explores failure of her marriage

Veronica Roth working on new series 1st book due in 2017

Top Indian, Pakistani diplomats meet to mend ties

Prince William strikes a friendly contrast to Japan's prince

In Gaza, demand grows for a plastic surgeon's services

Immediate Aftermath of US Ambassador's Attack

LBJ linked Latinos, civil rights in 'Selma' speech

Despite Greece, euro zone is turning the corner

New fashion museum exhibit documents Lauren Bacall: The Look

Haitians' 'Brazilian dream' sours as work hard to find

Holocaust survivor in Denver preserves memories in book

France's Hollande promises Philippine storm survivors a climate deal

Brent above $61 as Iran news offsets U.S. stockpiles

New Saudi king meets Turkey leader amid thaw in relations

Myanmar captures rare white elephant in western jungles

Yemen's Hadi says Saleh conspired with Iran to undermine power transfer...

Ivory Coast ruling coalition partner backs Ouattara re-election bid

Ex-CIA chief admits sharing military secrets with mistress

Iraq battles to rebuild despite war and oil slump

Hesburgh, former Notre Dame president, dies at 97

How Islamic is Islamic State group? Not very, experts say

Top Indian, Pakistani diplomats to meet in Islamabad