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Montana officials end bighorn sheep hunting after die-off

First wood bison head for release in southwest Alaska

Wood bison make it to Alaska village April release planned

NY town eyes limit on use of Plum Island

Alarm over vanishing frogs in the Caribbean

Study: Asian carp DNA may not signal live fish

Report: Asian carp may have reached Great Lakes

Dolphins Are Dying, Race on to Protect Them

Shrimp season to close in some La. inside waters

Volunteers search NC coast to rescue sea turtles

US to test new trap to catch Florida pythons

Hog-nosed skunk causes stir at Grand Canyon

APNewsBreak: Feds reverse course on wolverines

Researchers try to save huge US salamander

Drought drawing bears near people at Lake Tahoe

Falcons Tagged for Tracking at Atlanta High-rise

Wounded wildlife pose dilemmas for intervention

Famous Oregon wolf that trekked to California has puppies

Eagles make Michigan power plant warm winter home

Miners and environmentalists team up to save Tasmanian devil

Bear activity reported from Anchorage to Sitka

Lawsuit: Extending eagle death permits illegal

Bear suspected to have killed New Jersey hiker

Sagebrush habitat fuels $1B in recreation spending

Rio's Olympic golf course in legal bunker

Correction: Drought-Bird Migration story

Post-rehab, injured snowy owl released into wild

Deadly Fungus Killing Bats, Spreading in US

Biologists watching fish runs after deadly slide

With foxes scarce, hunting clubs target coyotes

Study: Polar bears disappearing from key region

Ted Turner ranch aims to aid endangered black-footed ferrets

Volunteer Divers Carry Out Giant Octopus Census

Feds document seabird loss in North Pacific waters

Alaska prepares for wood bison return after a century

Rescuers in Florida free 19 manatees stuck in storm drain

Rules to control crowds of swimmers, manatees in Florida springs

Rare island fox rebounds on California islands

3 years later: oil spill cleanup, study carries on

Budget Cuts' 'Impact on Wildlife' at Everglades

Starving sea lion pups fill Calif. rescue centers

Report: Puerto Rican parrot makes major comeback

Wildlife officials remove arrow from Canada goose

Power-hungry Washington's soft spot for wounded wildlife

Minnow to be 1st fish taken off endangered list

Last surviving whale from stranding returned to sea

Idaho falconers channel history, hunt with raptors

Thousands of stranded fish rescued in dry Nevada

US announces world's largest marine sanctuary

Maine bear bait vote sparks interest around US

AP Exclusive: Study blames lost calves on panthers

Utah wolverine sighting 1st documented in 30 years

Bacon preservative tested as feral hog poison

US declares wood storks no longer endangered

Bear comes to city, will get escort back to woods

Correction: Wandering Wolf story

Military base among last habitat for butterflies

APNewsBreak: Isle Royale wolf decline boosts moose

Rancher inspects cattle after showdown with feds

'A Window on Eternity' finds joy in African park

Rare Myanmar ecosystems protected only on paper

Researchers net 'zombie bass' with electricity

Feds: Small Ore., Calif. fish no longer endangered