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Yemen Shiite rebel leader: Saudi Arabia seeks Yemen split

Activists say al-Qaida fighters overrun Syrian rebel bases

Yemen's Shiite rebels threaten to arrest, charge ministers

Chinese diplomat tells West to consider Russia's security concerns over...

Rival protests in Yemen in wake of Shiite rebel power grab

Shiite rebels say Yemen President Hadi 'wanted for justice'

Rival Yemeni camps entrench as Iran flights arrive

Syria agrees to UN fact-finding mission in Aleppo

Putin surveys the map as he ponders next move on Ukraine

Ukrainian POWs dig out bodies of comrades killed at airport

Deaths shake Ukraine truce Poroshenko wary of Russian threat

EU warns of new sanctions if Ukraine peace deal collapses

US mulling lethal aid to Ukraine Russian response a concern

Republican offers immigration vote to try to resolve impasse

GOP leader offers immigration vote to try to resolve impasse

Russian opposition leader Nemtsov shot dead

Somalia extremists urge attacks on US shopping malls

Yemen's Hadi seeks to resume duties as president

Syrian opposition urges rebels to join key battle

Kerry: US, allies ready to step up aid to rebels

Syria ex-minister leads rebuilding plan

Syrian rebels reeling from loss of Qusair

Hezbollah says it will keep fighting in Syria

AP sources: US close to OK on arming Syrian rebels

US officials start talks on arming Syria's rebels

Sectarian killings reported in Syrian village

UN General Assembly approves Syria resolution

Iraq rejects refuge for Turkey's Kurdish fighters

Israeli official: Syria's Assad used chemical arms

Suicide blast in Syrian capital kills at least 15

Qatar faces backlash among rebel groups in Syria

Clashes in Syria rebels seek foreign intervention

Fighting in Syria, Hezbollah charts risky course

Syria says Assad will remain president until 2014

Russia assails UN rights body's motion on Syria

Syrian regime OKs peace talks amid skepticism

Balance of power in Syria shifting Assad's way

Boston attacks are reminder of violence elsewhere

Assad accuses West of backing al-Qaida in Syria

Syria Muslim Brotherhood denies seeking power grab

Syrian president warns of fallout if regime falls

Syrian rebel group pledges allegiance to al-Qaida

2 years after Duekoue, militia leader still free

Rights groups: Syrian rebels often kill captives

US to bolster support for Syria rebels, Kerry says

Turkey pledges support for Syrian opposition

UN envoy backs Syrian opposition's call for talks

Wounded Syrian treated in Israeli hospital dies

Arab League gives Syrian seat to opposition

UK, France press EU on giving arms to Syria rebels

Hugo Chavez, fiery Venezuelan leader, dies at 58

Syrian opposition head visits rebel areas in north

A look at Hugo Chavez's life

Syrian FM likens fighting inside his country to 9/11 attacks

Kenya's President: Facing mall attack, charges

Israel says world paying 'lip service' to alleged Syria gas attacks

Western and regional defence chiefs to meet to discuss Syria

Chemical allegations in Syria haunt ally Iran

Al-Qaida-linked Syria rebels hit Christian village

Analysis: U.S. strike on Syria could derail Iran president's master plan

Iran to work with Russia to stop strike on Syria

British defence, oil business in Gulf may be vulnerable to Syria

Securing Syria's arsenal is rife with challenges

Morocco reaction to Qaeda video reflects growing fears

Arab world searches for democratic future

Qaeda in Syria bids to control Iraq, Turkey borders

AP Interview: Putin warns West on Syria action

American jihadi slain in Somalia by rivals

Sudan calls on US to issue visa for UN summit

Iraqi Kurdistan rules out intervening over Syrian border

South Sudan passes oil bill, waits president's approval