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Qatar runs covert desert training camp for Syrian rebels

Ukraine reports new arrivals of Russian supplies for eastern rebels

Russian troops giving 'backbone' to Ukraine rebels - NATO commander

Russian troops giving 'backbone' to Ukraine rebels: NATO commander

NATO sees Russia ready for Ukraine incursion

UN: Deaths keep rising in Ukraine, now over 4,300

US in talks with Ukraine leaders as toll rises in east

Russia vows support for Syria's Assad to combat 'terrorism'

Biden voices support for Ukraine, denounces Russia's Putin

West seeks 'regime change' in Russia: Lavrov

Russia's new push for Syria dialogue unlikely to be fruitful

Sudan probes claims of 'mass rape'

Turkey, U.S. ease strains on Islamic State but differences remain

Colombia's rebel-held general a bookish strategist

Syria 'no-fly zone' not being considered: NATO general

Syria 'no-fly zone' not being considered: NATO general

Syria 'no-fly zone' not being considered - NATO general

Russia regime change West's real aim in Ukraine row: Lavrov

Russia fights Western 'propaganda' as critical media squeezed

Russia gets greater control over Black Sea region

With incentives and brute force, IS subdues tribes

UN seeks major aid boost for Syrian 'catastrophe'

Iran's president reaches West before heading to UN

Chemical weapons deal wins time for Syria's Assad but at a cost

Insight: Kenya cases stir African backlash against ICC

Syria's war splits nation into 3 distinct regions

Chilly reception for Kerry in Brazil, Colombia?

Sudan drops off Internet on 3rd day of riots

Syria's Assad 'more confident than ever': analysts

Peace envoy Brahimi in talks with Syria's Assad

Assad says support for armed groups must end

A look at key fighting groups in Syria

Both sides in Syrian talks to meet in 'same room'

UN envoy in Syria as fighting hinders chemical experts

Kerry in UAE to discuss Iran, Syria

Kurtley Beale relishes fresh start

Agreement ends shelling of Syrian village

Rocket near Beirut brings Syrian war closer

Rivalries complicate arms pipeline to Syria rebels

Iraq increasingly drawn into Syrian battlefield

France, Britain confirm use of sarin gas in Syria

Syria army deals severe blow to rebels in key town

G-8 seeks unity on Syrian peace talks, tax evasion

Al-Qaida's Iraq head defies boss over Syria fight

AP Interview: Rebels want arms post-EU embargo

France to send troops as UN warns of chaos in C. Africa

Sudan rebels, govt clash again south of rail town

Disarray for moderate Syrian rebels a 'big problem': US

Moderate Syrian rebels vow to protect journalists

Assad gaining ground in Syrian civil war

Fierce battles in Syria US to raise aid to rebels

Russia's Chechnya has seen decades of war, terror

UK's Cameron may veto EU arms embargo on Syria

Kashmir girl band breaks up after threats

Syria and rebels trade chemical weapons charges