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Bob Simpson, co-developer of Saffir-Simpson scale, dies

Charlestown pool still shut after wet weather delays refurbishment

Warning downgraded in Queensland as dangerous storm moves out to sea

Another week of wet weather covers California

Waterlogged Northern California gets more rain

Victorian fires: Blaze breaks out at Echuca despite cool conditions

Mixed Christmas Day weather in Australia

Bureau of Meteorology joins the Twitter age

Another stinker today but Christmas should be jolly

Freezing rain coats roads in the Dakotas, hampering travel

Weird weather lingers in Alaska's largest city

Homes under threat, person missing as crews battle out-of-control blazes

Elsa, kitten found in frigid Denver, finds a home

Heavy snow hits northern Japan

Darwin matches night-time heat record, with low of 29.7 degrees Celsius

Here we go again - severe storm alert for the Coast

Suspected gustnado captured on camera during severe thunderstorm

Last U.S. holiday shopping weekend off to solid start

Victorians warned of dangerous fire conditions