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South Sudan rivals agree new 'unity deal'

In Ukraine war zone, a rebel pharmacy seeks to ease pain

Canberra man accused of Bosnian war crimes wins right to remain in...

Japan's Abe could ease doubts by apologizing over World War Two: ex-PM...

Visiting US senators see new era in historic Cuba talks

Cuba to host higest level US offical since 1980

US-Cuba ties

Orthodox Christians in Donetsk take icy dip for Epiphany

Cuba, US see good first day of historic talks

Syrian opposition calls for new Cairo 'unity' meet

Churchill remembered at his former home fifty years after death

Ukraine requests fresh IMF bailout

Doomsday Clock moves two minutes closer to midnight

Bloody bus attack in Donetsk as troops abandon airport

Thousands protest in Kosovo, demand Serb minister be fired

Pentagon says US has killed thousands of jihadists

Japan's Abe could ease doubts by apologising over WW2: ex-PM Fukuda

Obama to say US turning page on 'vicious recession'

Obama in State of the Union: America is turning the page

Father buries 4-year-old son, curses Ukraine's war

Saudi king appoints Mohammed bin Nayef second crown prince

PBS to make a new drama based on Civil War nurses

Poland restores PhDs voided by Nazi Germany

Hezbollah under pressure to act after Israeli strike

Guantanamo ex-inmate seeks bail in Canada

South Sudan rivals agree new 'unity deal'

Georgians in Ukraine fight shadow war

UN urges immediate application of South Sudan unity deal

'American Sniper' triggers angry debate

Delay to Britain's Iraq War inquiry report causes outcry

Iran general killed with Hezbollah fighters in Israel raid

Serb movie about feral child fate exposes absurdity of war

Asian Cup war cries get stuck in throat

Obama to call for new war powers to fight IS: excerpts

Obama hails economic record during State of the Union

Naked attention-seeking eclipses Paris men's fashion shows

Obama vows to hunt terrorists, asks for new war resolution

'Imitation Game' site Bletchley Park recreates WWII Britain

UN warns Burundi over elections

Russian spy ship in Havana on eve of US-Cuba talks

Ukraine headache grows for IMF

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un observes flight combat drill

Chaos as Congo delays vote on election laws

British Iraq war report delay sparks cover-up claims

Japan captive's mother pleads to Islamic State

'Russian forces' attack Ukraine troops in separatist east

George Lucas hopes 'Strange Magic' will appeal to all ages

Bosnian family home flooded 25 times since 2000