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Madoff victims' payout nearing $7.2 billion - trustee

House fire and shooting link not ruled out by Tasmania Police

Doubts deepen over Chinese-backed Nicaragua canal as work starts

In the dogfight over posh airline food, the sky's the limit

Search is on for diplomatic solution to Syria war

NYC artists seek help to scrub away Sandy's stains

Dems, GOP fight brewing over curbing filibusters

Norway vows 'humane' conditions for mass killer

Photos of naked prince raise security questions

Pilot who struck Bay Bridge had 3 prior accidents

Major Judaica collection to be auctioned in NYC

Russia moves to enact anti-gay law nationwide

Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake own the MTV VMAs

Analysis - U.S. cable consumers face more blackouts, higher prices

US spies missed signs of Aug. 21 Syrian strike

Google's 'Hummingbird' hatches new search formula

UN applying lessons of Rwanda in strife-torn S.Sudan

Turkish currency hits new low as crisis persists

US wholesale stockpiles up 0.5 percent in November

Luxury home boom to change face of London

Sydney businessman Eddie Kang accused of ripping off foreign students over...

Samsung Electronics reports record third quarter, warns of slower...

US to spend billions 'modernizing' nuclear arsenal

Goldman Sachs third-quarter revenue slumps 20%

UN frets over Syria deadlines as treaty takes effect

Sugar harvest tale of two seasons

Starboard says Smithfield sale undervalues company

G-8 seeks unity on Syrian peace talks, tax evasion

Man kept in custody over $50m drug operation

Syrian rebels capture major checkpoint in south

Speed a Likely Factor in Train Derailment

Stinky Feet Help Scientists Swat Mosquitoes

Protesters to Congress: Get moving on immigration

WTO hails 'historic' first global trade agreement

Philippines' embattled taxman takes aim at the famous