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Devastating Nepal earthquake kills hundreds

Unseasonal rainstorm kills at least 42 in eastern India

Indian court convicts ruling party lawmaker of graft

Child prodigy highlights the need for better support for gifted students...

Relatives of missing in India floods maintain hope

Tainted liquor kills 32 in northern India 50 ill

Acclaimed writer Evan S. Connell dies at 88

Poor monsoon rains hit millions of Indian farmers

India tiger kills four people in 12 days

Encephalitis outbreaks in India kill more than 150

Encephalitis kills 60 in eastern India in fortnight

Three die in south India after religious riots

Modi's crushing win leaves India rivals broken

Train crash leaves at least 40 dead in India

Malaysian teenager gang-raped by 38 men

Raped, murdered girls reveal horrific risks for India's poor

India silk weavers hang on by thread, plead for rescue

India court blocks release of film on pink sari vigilantes

India's Modi picks Hindu holy town Varanasi for elections

India's anti-corruption champion Kejriwal to fight against Modi

Hindu hardliners unrepentant a year after India riots

Acid victims' photo shoot draws attention in India

Chief minister vows turn around for India's 'failed state'

Chief of India's troubled state vows action after rapes

India authority orders Coke plant closed

India investigates spate of rapes in Uttar Pradesh

Anger rises as India swelters under record heatwave

India's Modi urges lawmakers to stop 'politicising rape'

Angry protests in India's capital over power blackouts

Street fighting as India heads for April-May election

Thousands of India's disabled protest to demand equal rights

India's Modi widens lead, BJP may win half the seats in key state: poll

Weavers' villages in India suffer TB epidemic

Indian villages fear man-eating tiger on the prowl

Election season in India comes with freebies

Tiger evades hunters, kills 10th victim in India

India's small parties join forces to fight looming elections

Indian treasure hunt based on dream finds no gold

Explosion at north India fireworks factory kills five

Modi says al Qaeda will fail in India

India's BJP opposition party heading for majority - poll

As riot-hit Indian region votes, religious divide favours Hindu leader

Indian party leader sparks backlash over rape remarks

Gloves off as India's BJP woos the Hindu vote in northern heartland

Opinion poll shows Indian opposition winning ground in key northern states

Faith in Gandhi dynasty wavers in family fiefdom

Amma, Didi, Behenji: India's female kingmakers

India rivals hold election-eve rallies as religious row flares

India: Girls died by suicide, not slain by rapists

India 'love jihad' claims fuel Hindu-Muslim tensions

102 bodies found in Indian river thought to be water burials

India's brass bands struggle amid changing tastes

80 bodies found floating in India's Ganges

Spreading beef bans hit Indian farmers, traders - and lions

Unseasonal rain causes heartache for many Indian farmers

Indian farmers protest gov't plans to ease land acquisition

Fire engulfs public bus and kills 7 people in north India