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Loyd, Zahui B. selected 1-2 in WNBA draft

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Jail for 9 of 10 ex-educators in Atlanta test-cheating case

Brazil VP says government is 'paying attention' to protests

Fish in suspected tsunami debris boat quarantined in US

Fish found in suspected tsunami debris boat quarantined

Reaction to conviction of Aaron Hernandez in 2013 murder

Atlanta schools cheating case judge keeps word on sentences

Oilers win NHL draft lottery and chance to select McDavid

Intersex surgeries spark move away from drastic treatment

Gulf health 5 years after BP spill: Resilient yet scarred

India's Satyam founder sentenced to seven years in jail in fraud case

Scientists: 3 wolves remain at Isle Royale National Park

Menendez, facing charges, raises $400,000 for legal defense

Japan ruling party panel summons media bosses over news shows

Pope's genocide comments spark indifference, frustration among Turks

Harsh Northeast winter no hindrance to hungry ticks

Cats chat with us through meows, blinks and roving whiskers

Secrecy shrouds decade-old oil spill in Gulf of Mexico

In UK election, party promises range from nukes to bees

Secrecy Shrouds Decade-Old Gulf of Mexico Spill

In Sudan, poverty, heavy security grip under longtime leader

Coming to the Kentucky Derby? Leave selfie sticks at home

Shop: Ban of those who nixed gay rights bill served purpose

Chicago not releasing video of officer-involved shooting

Expert: Tale of worker asleep in cargo hold is a warning

U.S. Iran bill makes nuclear deal harder, but not impossible

Austerity's legacy: British election focused on UK economy

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Spring Break madness cure: Stop the 'beer, vomit and urine'

Survivors of South Korean ferry tragedy struggle with guilt

Migrant children test Europe as Mediterranean crisis worsens

UK voters count cost of living standards pain

Turkey recalls ambassador over pope's Armenia genocide words

Indian circuses struggle to adapt after court bans

Gov't dysfunction may be baked into the system

Power of Moore tornado dwarfs Hiroshima bomb

Union power at issue as Garcetti elected LA mayor

Pa. coffee run leads to hatchet hitchhiker arrest

'Anti-competitive' intern process upsets medical students

Birdsville croc thought to have been dumped in river

Tornado took town's youngest as it swept through

Weiner gets started stumping in NYC mayoral race

Red tape limits oil and gas industry productivity

Breastfeeding good for high blood pressure

Smart thinking needed as Perth and its issues expand

Dishing up trash: New look for sustainable seafood

Peter O'Neill urges PNG athletes to win more medals at Pacific Games

Qld Government to push for more Mount Isa kids to get lead level tests

AP Exclusive: More Bangladesh factories dangerous

James Franco seeks $500,000 in crowd-funding

Pete D'Alessandro begins 'dream job' as Kings GM

Baby Bounce: Royal infant may help UK economy

Boston bomb suspect died of gunshots, blunt trauma

Sarah Brightman Plans for Space Journey

Medgar Evers to be remembered 50 years after death

Column: Restore wrestling, give others fair shot

Buenos Aires launches tours for Argentine pope

'Gatsby' gives 'Iron Man 3' a run for its money

Deal reached in Mont. university sex-assault probe

Reef saving efforts turn to Caribbean

Man put to death for Texas store abduction slaying

Malaysia's opposition banks on new economic deal

Cut back Medicare, think tank says

Browns owner: Family company under criminal probe