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US House passes spending bill, averts government shutdown

U.S. House narrowly passes spending bill, averts government shutdown

House narrowly passes spending bill, averts government shutdown

Kerry to meet Russia's Lavrov in Rome on Monday

Obama to sign new Russia sanctions bill by end of week

Shutdown deadline looms as opposition to U.S. spending bill mounts

Mexico conflict of interest scandal snares finance minister

Native Americans try to block French auction of sacred artefacts

Filmmaker Polanski's lawyers want sex crime case closed

In U.S. spending bill, a tall tale for fishermen

Two released Guantanamo prisoners raise a cheer in Montevideo

U.S. Senate leader Reid hopes for budget approval Friday

US Congress moves to approve Russia sanctions, arms for Ukraine

Russia calls US torture report 'shocking'

U.S., Cuba plan to restore relations after 50 years of hostility

Firebrand Senator Ted Cruz apologizes for U.S. spending bill ruckus

Hackers invoke 9/11 in new chilling Sony threat

Republican wins Arizona House seat after recount

Senate passes spending bill, ends government shutdown threat

U.S. determines North Korea behind Sony attack as studio pulls movie

Polanski lawyers accuse prosecutors of misconduct

New York premiere of North Korea comedy cancelled after threats

Native American sacred masks sold in France despite protests

Friends say they pushed US student to call police

New York premiere of North Korea comedy canceled after threats

Venezuela wants to expand oil diplomacy despite falling prices

Friends try to correct record on UVa rape story

As Qualcomm decision looms, U.S. presses China on antitrust policy

Longshore union, shippers see slow progress in U.S. West Coast port talks

AP IMPACT: Abused kids die as authorities fail to protect

Homelessness strikes hard in US capital

Fla. vote beyond recount range West won't concede

Stagnant US exports to Cuba belie fair's optimism