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IAG win over trade union in boost to Aer Lingus bid

Aer Lingus trade unions split over IAG offer

Unions, charity accuse McDonald's of avoiding $1.1 billion in tax

Unions, charity accuse McDonald's of avoiding 1 billion euros in tax

Exclusive - Areva to cut wage bill 15 percent as prospects worsen: union...

Exclusive: Areva to cut wage bill 15 percent as prospects worsen - union...

Clock ticking as MLS and union face crunch talks

Mortar shells land by Somalia's presidential palace

White House hopeful Walker: Union battles prepared him to take on Islamic...

Police, protesters clash outside Acapulco's airport 1 dead

Walker: Protesters prepared him to confront global terrorism

Migrants flock to EU door along Serbia's border with Hungary

France to press for U.N. support for Africa force to fight Boko Haram

Cameron's glitzy ties to rich donors hurt him before UK election

EU chiefs launch biggest energy shake-up in half century

French consumer confidence at highest in nearly three years

New charges for group that disrupted Supreme Court

Zimbabwe's Mugabe celebrates 91st birthday

Rahm-Rauner ties likely to survive Chicago mayor's re-election battle

Insight - West's offer to rebuild Ukraine faces reality check

How did West Coast ports get so jammed? And what comes next?

Insight: West's offer to rebuild Ukraine faces reality check

GOP's Jeb Bush working to reassert conservative credentials

Somalia extremists urge attacks on US shopping malls

Zimbabwe's Mugabe to celebrate 91st birthday

Areva warns of 4.9 billion euro loss ahead of new strategy plan

EU warns of new sanctions if Ukraine peace deal collapses

Capitol Hill Buzz: Boehner lays down law on House rules

EU unveils vast plan to merge 28 energy markets

Pachauri urged to quit Delhi thinktank after sex harassment complaint

Republican Scott Walker wows conservatives despite verbal stumbles

Austria passes 'Law on Islam' banning foreign money for Muslim groups

Libyan PM criticizes U.S., UK and EU for failing to supply weapons

Young Spaniards moving to Germany get trapped in dismal jobs

Zionism debate at heart of bitter Israeli vote

Anti-Israel divestment push gains traction at US colleges

On visit to U.S., Farage criticizes Obama and Republicans

Russian soccer stadiums a throwback to 1980s England

Garcia says 'working class' to power bid for Chicago mayor

At least one person dead, over a dozen injured, after protesters clash...

Osborne went too far with claims of EU bill victory, say MPs

Russian lawmakers may take pay cut to weather crisis

Suns confident club will avoid 'cocaine crisis'

On visit to U.S., Britain's Farage criticizes Obama and Republicans

Families of 3 missing UK girls urge 'Please come home!'

Wisconsin's Walker adjusts to rigor of presidential politics

Myanmar military wins rare praise in war with ethnic Chinese rebels

Libyan parliament proposes Haftar, a divisive figure, as head of army

France promises new labour reforms as EU gives guarded reprieve

Hong Kong seeks to rival Singapore as corporate FX hub

West Coast ports delays could swamp companies for two months

GOP contenders push for military action against ISIS

Scale of racism in Cup host Russia a threat, report says

US security says aware of no credible threat against malls

Deaths shake Ukraine truce Poroshenko wary of Russian threat

Modi bets on GM crops for India's second green revolution

Homeland Security says aware of no credible threat against malls

Homeland Security chief: Budget stall muddies response to IS

Hong Kong 'radicals' up ante in China democracy push

Insight - Hong Kong 'radicals' up ante in democracy push against China

Washington, D.C. - from monuments to meetings

Hong Kong 'radicals' up ante in democracy push against China

EU, others: Catch plans for Bluefin tuna threaten recovery

EU prosecutor: Close 'prosecution gaps' for terror cases

Aer Lingus presses Irish government on IAG takeover

France, Britain dismiss calls to renew relations with Syria's Assad

U.S., Iran positive after nuclear talks, say much left to do

Crunch time for Rand Paul at U.S. conservative event

Russia's Khodorkovsky: Putin is a 'naked king' facing economic ruin

Moscovici raises threat of French budget sanctions but eyes deal