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Libya conflict revives front lines from 2011 civil war

U.S. congressional staffers stage walkout in latest police protests

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Inside job, 2 Canadian militants in Algeria siege

Fort Hood victims want shooting designated terror

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Bashing victim's mum starts social media campaign to end waterfront...

Bonfires, borscht, humor in Kiev protest camp

US vet detained in NKorea oversaw guerrilla group

NKorean soldiers put down arms to help plant crops

New cyber medal production stopped, being reviewed

Panel criticizes military on sexual assault cases

Even after death, Chavez gets choice of successor

Muslims flee Central African Republic's capital

China sentences legal activist to 4 years in jail

Brahimi says world neglect of Syria behind Iraq unrest

Jihadists win headlines, but coalition behind Iraq drive

Ferry disaster makes South Korea question progress

Poland's Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski dies at 90

Going it alone gives Obama new sense of purpose

Conroy must apologise for 'brain snap': PM

Guerrilla warfare to golf: Vietnam army's evolves

For east Ukraine, Kremlin adapts Crimea playbook

East Ukraine irregulars sign up to fight rebels and Russians

Somalia's al Shabaab say attack meant to get president 'dead or alive'

Obama warns Russia over military moves in Crimea

Will Sgt. Bergdahl be left behind in Afghanistan?

Worry grips Jerusalem residents awaiting next attack

Handwoven Bulgaria carpets for noble feet

Child migrants head for US to flee crime

Kuwait court releases opposition leader after violence

Ukraine gives rebels deadline to disarm or face military operation

Anti-corruption activists back on trial in China

Judge orders expanded Ohio early voting schedule

Police abandon posts in Lesotho, fear for lives

Regional body to help restore stability in Lesotho

Holder bringing personal perspective to Ferguson

French court: ID checks on minorities deemed legal

Special Report - Help wanted in Fukushima: Low pay, high risks and...

Authorities: Suspected LAX Gunman Charged

Red Sox win World Series title at Fenway Park

Divisions run deep in politically fractured Thailand

US witness report found on Stalin's Katyn massacre

Rwandan leader accused in killing of ex-spy chief

Mexico vigilantes agree to join government forces

Militants 'capture soldiers' as Iraq unrest kills 13

Arrests in New Orleans parade shootings cheered

Manning to serve sentence at famous Leavenworth

Pope draws 3M in Rio, one of largest papal Masses

Haitian schools expand use of Creole language

NCAA to reconsider some recruiting deregulation

Police under attack in Pakistan

Crimea leader sees more than 80 per cent backing Russia union

Obama's promise to review deportations has risks

Russia reinforces military presence in Crimea

It's not an order! US Marines get to wear 'sleeves up'

US SEALs take control of rogue Libya oil ship

Armed pro-govt militias roil Venezuela protests

Pro-government group threaten to surround H.K. protest sites

Special report - How Mosul fell: An Iraqi general disputes Baghdad's story

Special Report: How Mosul fell - An Iraqi general disputes Baghdad's story