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Aussie businessman kidnapped in Uganda

C.Africa president claims to be negotiating Kony surrender

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Kampala mayor impeached amid power struggle

S Sudan rebels take most of strategic city of Bor

Uganda warns South Sudan rebel leader

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Uganda anti-gay law to be re-introduced in parliament: speaker

Rising Islamist violence in focus at Obama-hosted Africa summit

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Govt says troops capture two towns from rebels in South Sudan

"We shall have a war with the homosexual lobby in the world" -- Ugandan...

Quiet diplomacy faulted for Africa's anti-gay laws

South Sudan faces 'spectre' of famine: US, EU envoys

Despite new law, Ugandan cleric ministers to gays

Ugandan gays who fled to Kenya still feel danger

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Ugandan HIV bill 'nonsensical', says health body

Ugandan TV station ban after president shown 'sleeping'

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Desmond Tutu warns of 'Nazi' parallel to Uganda anti-gay law

Ugandan newspaper names 200 'homos' after anti-gay law signed

Uganda tabloid prints list of 'top' homosexuals

Uganda health minister: Gays will still get care

Kerry likens Uganda anti-gay law to Nazism, apartheid

Uganda slapped with aid cuts over anti-gay law

Uganda anti-gay bill could compromise aid

Ugandan president praises North Korea security training

Uganda-North Korea ties grow amid democracy doubts

Army clashes for second day with rebels in east DR Congo

Ugandan LRA rebel commander to be tried at ICC

Turkish president pledges more investment for war-torn Somalia

Kenya celebrates new president daggers for West

Uganda police raid newspaper over general's letter

Ugandan leader donates sack of cash, drawing ire

Uganda failing to tackle corrupt bigwigs: report

Congolese president says fight against rebels not over

Movement grows for Rwanda president to rule longer

Uganda adopts draconian anti-gay bill

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New law in Nigeria bans gay meetings

UN urges Uganda to repeal anti-gay law

Lack of experience fuels West Africa Ebola crisis

Uganda's Museveni wants to water down anti-gay law : lawmaker

Uganda's Museveni wants to water down anti-gay law - lawmaker

Uganda 'gay' trial dimissed due to lack of evidence

Uganda president warns of economic impact of anti-gay bill

Secret lives: an evening in a Ugandan gay bar

Almost 100 killed in Uganda clashes since weekend

Uganda activists launch court bid to overturn anti-gay law

Uganda court scraps new anti-gay law

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Controversial Ugandan to be next UN assembly head

Ugandan gay-rights activist asks for US asylum