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U.S. evacuates special operations forces from Yemen

Goldman trims U.S. first quarter GDP view to 1.8 percent from 2.0 percent

Treasury's Lew says a strong dollar is a good thing

Sergeant Bergdahl faces potential life in prison - Army spokesman

U.S. to keep current troop level in Afghanistan through 2015

U.S.-led coalition launches first airstrikes against Islamic State

U.S.-led coalition conducts air strikes against Islamic State targets near...

Treasury's Lew to travel to China March 28-31: Treasury

Third American was on plane that crashed in France - State Dept

Rocket blasts off carrying U.S. Air Force GPS satellite

Buffett tells foreign investors good profits to be made in U.S.

U.S. pledges to keep funding Afghans amid calls for slower pullout

Afghan leader thanks U.S. troops as Obama expected to slow pullout

Iran-backed militias not involved in Tikrit clearing - U.S. general

US war prisoner Bergdahl charged with desertion, misbehavior

Obama slows withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Canada's TD Bank eyeing small acquisitions in U.S. market

Schlumberger pleads guilty to violating U.S. sanctions on Iran, Sudan

US air defense troops train fast deployment in Poland

Islamic State calls on backers to kill 100 U.S. military personnel

U.S. to continue funding Afghan Security Forces

Oil prices dip as US stock-build drags, China strategic reserves fill

Oil jumps on weaker dollar U.S. crude up 4 percent

U.S. to fund Afghan forces at peak level through 2017: officials

Oil prices steady, but inventory build drags

Fed's Bullard: now may be good time to normalize U.S. monetary policy

Remaining US personnel leave Yemen amid rebel call to arms

U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear DirecTV arbitration case

US counterterrorism strategy in Yemen collapses amid chaos

US warns of possible attacks in Ugandan capital

Netanyahu row casts doubt on Obama pledge to 'have Israel's back'

US, Afghan leaders lay groundwork for postwar relations

US conducting airstrikes to help Iraq retake Tikrit

Charges against U.S. Senator Menendez possible this week: WSJ

U.S.'s Kerry to make statement on nuclear talks with Iran at 0645 ET

American Apparel under scrutiny by U.S. regulator for possible violations

US, Afghan Leaders Outline Postwar Relations

Carlyle CEO says strong U.S. dollar won't deter long term investors

Snow falls on first day of spring in NYC

Obama, Afghan president in talks over troop withdrawal