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Venezuelans fret Maduro measures may slow U.S. visas

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Venezuela captures Americans suspected of espionage

What to expect from Costco's new deal with Visa and Citi

US officials called 'terrorists' mock Venezuela travel ban

US pushes back on Venezuela's order to slash embassy staff

Venezuela to shrink US Embassy staff, require tourist visas

California 'maternity hotel' operators may face heat from guests

Suspected "maternity hotels" raided in California

Searches focus on rings to help Chinese women have US babies

Maduro says Venezuela detains U.S. citizens announces moves against U.S.

Agents target industry helping Chinese women have US babies

Dow reshuffle: Apple joins blue-chip index and boots AT&T

At long last, Dow gets a taste for Apple

Venezuela tells U.S. embassy in Caracas: Cut staff by 80 percent

North Dakota missionaries detained in Venezuela return home

Brazil police say woman helped US sect leader avoid arrest

Venezuela sets deadline to US to slash embassy staff

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Tourism thrives in Malaysia despite association with tragedy

Internet invades everything at gadget fair in Barcelona

Samsung unveils sleek new Galaxy phones to battle Apple

Samsung unveils sleek new Galaxy phones to battle Apple

NATO, Russia exchange barbs reminiscent of Cold War days

EU chief speaks out against arms supplies for Kiev

Citigroup's past losses may have helped it win Costco business

Hillary Clinton email trove reviewed for release, security

Costly shift to new credit cards won't fix security issues

Libyan PM says Turkey supplying weapons to rival Tripoli group

AP IMPACT: Commander of Nazi-led unit lives in US

Border security at issue in immigration bill

Boston bomb suspect died of gunshots, blunt trauma

Lavrov: Russia would back NKorea talks in Geneva

Bowing in 'pigeon' fight, France slashes taxes

FBI: 3 removed backpack from Boston suspect's room

Senate panel approves immigration bill

China gives Costa Rica $900M credit for refinery

Mexico hopes Xi's trip sparks visits by Chinese

Visa card use up but 2Q profit slips nearly 2 pct

Iran takes on Qatar in crucial WCup qualifier

Senator: Tentative deal on immigration ag workers

US Reps from Vt. and NY have dairy worker plan

High-skilled visa requests exceed supply in 1 week

Report: Bill would set an 8-year path to residency

Obama: Immigration bill could pass by summer

Child tells US court in Detroit he was slave labor

Grenada to revive program selling citizenship

German migrant program offers cautions for US

'Embarrassed' ex-Pittsburgh chief to plead guilty

Futures mixed earnings from CVS Time Warner, Visa

Senate tries again to move anti-violence bill

Republicans face a balancing act on immigration

Iran's Ahmadenijad entices Egypt into alliance

AP Exclusive: US ordered delay in intern's arrest

Stocks rise as Syria conflict looks less likely

Analysis: Brazil and U.S., like star-crossed lovers, foiled again

Sudan calls on US to issue visa for UN summit

Suzuki's 4,000th hit earns praise in Japan

Immigration splits GOP's national, House interests

Dems draw firm line on path to citizenship

Lawyer: Snowden's father invited to visit Russia

NKorea arms seizure could hurt US-Cuba detente

Boehner backs bill for immigrants brought as kids

Congress, administration disagree on Israeli visas

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