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U.S.-led air strikes hit Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq

US drone strikes resume in Yemen despite turmoil

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Russian military to get 50 intercontinental missiles

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Too soon to say 'mission accomplished' in Kobani: US official

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Obama: Counterterrorism operations in Yemen not affected

U.S. drone strategy in trouble as Yemeni al Qaeda gathers support

Kurdish forces celebrate in Kobani

Kurdish PM says U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State faces long war

Abe continues to call on Jordan for hostage release

US sees Kobani as key win, but Mosul may require new tactics

Cuba demands US hands back Guantanamo Bay

Somalia: Al-Shabab leader says he has quit terror group

Oil surges 8 percent as U.S. rig count plunges, shorts scramble

White House seeks $534 billion base defense budget, $51 billion for wars

Northrop Beats Profit Estimates in Prelude to Bomber Competition

Alabama Supreme Court chief justice encourages defiance on gay marriage...

EU to Tighten Sanctions Over Ukraine, Latvian President Says

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Navy wants to increase use of sonar-emitting buoys