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Poland summons U.S. ambassador over FBI head's Holocaust remarks

Obama: 'We Don't Take This Work Lightly'

Hostage deaths a reminder of risk of 'deadly mistakes'

Obama defends US intelligence after hostage deaths

Mistaken killings by US drone show limits of spycraft

Where US sees terror prevention, some Muslims see profiling

Iraqi officer under Saddam masterminded rise of Islamic State - Spiegel

Iraqi officer under Saddam masterminded rise of Islamic State: Spiegel

House passes bill designed to thwart cyberattacks

Republicans move to extend spies' power to collect phone data

FBI chief tells Poland's U.S. envoy he regrets Holocaust remarks

Gunmen kill prominent female activist in Pakistan

Pentagon chief seeks to woo Silicon Valley, eyes tech innovation

Car bombs driven by foreigners hit Iraq-Jordan border post

Kenya suspends senior security officials over al Shabaab university attack

Honduras foiled 2014 cartel plot to kill president, official says

Experts say drone strikes appear in bounds of US law

Obama Takes Responsibility for Hostage Deaths

US warship heads to Yemeni waters could block Iran weapons

Deaths raise questions about ways to aid abducted Americans

After drone killings, pressure for a new hostage strategy

Obama apologizes for attack that killed two Al Qaeda hostages

Spy agency sees sharp increase in Canadians joining Islamic State

Drone found on roof of Japanese prime minister's office

Ex-general, CIA chief Petraeus gets probation, $100,000 fine in leak case

American killed in Pakistan was working to develop economy

Feeling safe? Try attending Internet security conference

UN anti-crime commission's future uncertain in Guatemala

Rubber dinghies, old fishing boats feed Europe migrant rush

Obama aims to halt perception of passive president

US launches drone from aircraft carrier

Syrian opposition urges rebels to join key battle

Mexico cartel dominates, torches western state

Pakistan arrested American who was killed by drone

Merkel, Obama to discuss NSA surveillance program

US secrets leaker has options to stay in Hong Kong

US spy programs raise ire both home and abroad

Chinese paper: Snowden could be useful to China

AP IMPACT: Commander of Nazi-led unit lives in US

US officials start talks on arming Syria's rebels

Military plans would put women in most combat jobs

Congress briefed on US surveillance programs

Report: NSA contract worker is surveillance source

Despite tension, NKorea lets in tourists, athletes

US official: 2 more explosives found at marathon

A look at the North Korea crisis

McIntyre tweets he's OK after Boston marathon run

Turkey says it won't be drawn into Syria conflict

Navy launches unmanned aircraft from carrier

Review chairman: Clinton didn't make Benghazi call

Holder says he played no role in AP phone subpoena

Syria blames Internet outage on technical problem

From outsiders to bombing suspects in Boston

Israeli official: Syria's Assad used chemical arms

Crossing a 'red line'? US says Syria used poison

Afghan investigation finds 17 died in airstrike

Afghan troops hold their ground at high cost

What you should know about NSA phone data program

Intelligence chief blasts NSA document leaks

White House: Obama adjusting cyber offense stance

Paper: UK government getting US spy agency's data

Hagel, NATO ministers talk Syria chemical weapons

NSA Collects Phone Records on Millions

American charged, ex-general held in Venezuela

NKorea issues warning ahead of US-SKorea summit

Afghan policeman killed in Pakistan border clash

Hagel: US rethinking possibly arming Syrian rebels

Boston bomb suspect hospitalized under heavy guard

US intelligence embraces debate in security issues

Pakistani Taliban withdraw peace talks offer

Fighting season is testing ground for Afghan force