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France's govt wants emergency surveillance powers

Algeria sees leadership vacuum in face of oil challenges

Iraqi officer under Saddam masterminded rise of Islamic State - Spiegel

Iraqi officer under Saddam masterminded rise of Islamic State: Spiegel

Yemen militia says it is besieging rebels at strategic base

Ex-Colombia ministers convicted of bribes on behalf of Uribe

Report: US reporter held in Iran facing 'espionage' charges

Homeland chief: Gyrocopter came in 'under the radar'

US homeland chief: Copter came in 'under the radar'

Exclusive: U.S. Senate Banking panel launches new investigative team

Obama aims to halt perception of passive president

Syrian opposition urges rebels to join key battle

Merkel, Obama to discuss NSA surveillance program

US spy programs raise ire both home and abroad

Chinese paper: Snowden could be useful to China

AP IMPACT: Commander of Nazi-led unit lives in US

'Watch Dogs' video game a sign of the times

US officials start talks on arming Syria's rebels

Congress briefed on US surveillance programs

Google asks to publish more US gov't information

Report: NSA contract worker is surveillance source

Contractors Under New Scrutiny After NSA Leak

Sectarian killings reported in Syrian village

Despite tension, NKorea lets in tourists, athletes

A look at the North Korea crisis

Turkey says it won't be drawn into Syria conflict

Crossing a 'red line'? US says Syria used poison

What you should know about NSA phone data program

White House: Obama adjusting cyber offense stance

NSA Data Probe Expands to Internet Companies

Paper: UK government getting US spy agency's data

Holder Sidesteps Questions on Phone Records

NSA whistleblowers say agency casts wide net

Hagel: US rethinking possibly arming Syrian rebels

US intelligence embraces debate in security issues

Taliban deny attacking Red Cross in Afghanistan

Alaska-based soldier gets 16 years in spy case

House passes pro-business cybersecurity bill

'Red Line' _ US Says Syria Used Chemical Weapons

Intelligence chief: Secret report mislabeled

Syria Muslim Brotherhood denies seeking power grab

In slap at South, NKorea suspends work at factory

SKorea says NKorea behind computer crash in March

Despite tensions, NKorea readies for festivities

Syrian rebel group pledges allegiance to al-Qaida

Menendez' bill could have aided donor's investment

Afghanistan: US special forces must leave province

Lawmakers urge oversight of drone program

Nigeria extremists claim abduction of 7 foreigners

Afghan leader says he'll ban airstrike requests

Defense Department says it will delay furloughs

Renewed nuke sale fear after recent NKorea test

Algeria attack poses fresh security issues

Shiite leader: Sectarian attacks are 'genocide'

Drugmakers, Interpol ramp up fight against fakes

Syrian jets bomb northern city overrun by rebels

White House: Court Best for OBL Son-In-Law

Turkey says it knew terrorist attack was planned

In Israel raid, Syria options severely constrained

Lawmakers test legal waters for regulating drones

Bulgaria links Hezbollah to bombing of Israelis

Egypt's Mubarak to get new trial over killings

Chicago man who backed terror group gets 14 years

Tens of thousands attend Kurdish funeral in Turkey

Internet experts want security revamp after NSA revelations

Snowden among finalists for EU human rights prize

South Africa to review security after Kenya attack

As Syria war escalates, Americans cool to U.S. intervention -...

U.S. Officials say 'no smoking gun' implicating Assad in chemical attack

Report says DNA test verified bin Laden's identity

Report says DNA test verified bin Laden's identity

Russia warns of catastrophe if Syria reactor hit by U.S. strike

Obama: US action would send Assad 'strong signal'

Pakistan overturns sentence of doctor who helped find bin Laden