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South Korea condemns missiles fired by North

Desertions, casualties cut Afghan forces sharply in 2014: U.S.

Desertions, casualties cut Afghan forces sharply in 2014 - US

U.S. army chief says "very concerned" at UK defence cuts - Daily Telegraph...

U.S. army chief says 'very concerned' at UK defense cuts: Daily Telegraph

Stressed, shrinking US Air Force needs more funding

Exclusive: U.S. Air Force eyes 28 launches, shared investment for next...

Iraqi forces try to seal off Islamic State around Tikrit

Dempsey says Iranian hand in Iraq could turn out well

Ex-CIA chief admits sharing military secrets with mistress

Obama "concerned" over China's restrictive practices

AP ANALYSIS: US on sidelines of key Iraqi battle against IS

U.S. military's Mosul briefing inaccurate, misguided, Carter says

Budget cuts will force U.S. to revise defense strategy: Carter

70 years on, survivors keep memory of Battle of Manila alive

Afghan army takes on Taliban in first solo offensive

China's stealth fighter makes brief appearance in air force film

Obama says he hopes to open embassy in Cuba before Panama summit

Pelosi calls for Democrats to support bill

Mines, bombs slow Iraqi advance on Islamic State-held Tikrit

AP EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Guantanamo detainees struggle in Uruguay

U.S. Vice President Biden, Iraq's Abadi discuss Tikrit fight

Pentagon calls Mosul briefing a mistake by CentCom

Iraq says it alone will decide on Mosul offensive

U.S. Justice Department finds racial bias in Ferguson police practices

US, Cuba cite progress on restoring diplomatic ties

New U.S. defense chief presses lawmakers for boost in funding

GOP contenders push for military action against ISIS

Philippines' Aquino promises police commandos extra resources after...

Syria's Nusra Front may leave Qaeda to form new entity

Afghanistan must prosecute government officials who violate rights - group

Insight - Syria's Nusra Front may leave Qaeda to form new entity

Venezuela to shrink US Embassy staff, require tourist visas

U.S. House rejects stopgap security agency funding, partial shutdown looms

Sun Life eyeing acquisitions in areas more immune to low rates

Australia bars travel to Mosul ahead of planned offensive

Islamic State under pressure as Kurds seize Syrian town

Environmental group sues U.S. EPA over monarch butterfly demise

400-year-old books stolen in Italy are found in California