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Timing of sanctions relief may be deal breaker as Iran talks resume

Iran still respecting terms of interim nuclear deal: U.N. report

Iran still respecting terms of interim nuclear deal - U.N. report

Diplomats press on in Vienna for final Iran nuclear deal

United States seeks access to Philippine bases as part of Asia pivot

US puts 2 Greek far-left militants on terror blacklist

US to announce plans to reduce agricultural carbon emissions

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India to host Afghan leader

Obama nominates Pritzker, Froman for economic jobs

Syria ex-minister leads rebuilding plan

Moniz: LNG exports on hold until he reviews data

Official: Solar plane to help energy use on ground

Iran reformists dance in streets for new president

Chinese company agrees to sell only Wis. ginseng

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Incitec plans ammonia plant near New Orleans

AP Interview: Peres, at 90, still going strong

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Budget battle guide: This time may be for real

US caught in awkward embrace of Myanmar 'crony'

Ag Secretary Vilsack to tour Iowa DuPont facility

NRC orders nuclear sites to upgrade vents

US slams hostage-taking Clinton to call Algeria

Top to bottom changes in Congress' foreign policy

For Chavez impersonator, cancer no laughing matter

Kerry tackles questions on Iran, Syria, Hagel

US confirms Americans taken after Algeria attack

3 Americans die in Algeria attack, 7 survive

Filipino businessman sees more delays in gas deal

Kerry: Climate change a 'life-threatening issue'

Algeria: Army rescues hostages, toll unclear

Rouhani calls US a 'great' nation in sharp change

EU says Iran, 6 key nations to hold nuclear talks

Debt limit overtaking shutdown as US crisis focus

Analysis: US reliability questioned overseas

US bloated nuclear spending comes under criticism

Iran's top leader opens way for Rouhani outreach

Obama officials: Rule won't kill coal-fired power

Condition of hospitalized Heinz Kerry is upgraded

Immigration, student loans top congressional plans

For Obama's climate plan, devil is in the details

US-China make progress on climate change

Biden: China's rise is good, cybertheft must stop

Kerry eases Indian worry over talks with Taliban

AP sources: Obama to limit carbon at power plants

Budget cuts trim federal wildfire spending

Car company's big plans haven't materialized

Reid talks of solar project at Vegas conference

Morsi gets a visit, but Egypt crisis stalemated

Jewell makes emotional pledge to Native Americans

Oil surges past $112 a barrel on Syrian crisis

Another month of fixes for US health care website

Sebelius to face tough questioning on health law

Israel plans more than 1,500 new settlement homes

No nuclear deal between 6 world powers and Iran

Signs of rift between Israel and US over Iran

NATO shows off its new HQ-to-be

Incarcerated veterans train dogs for other vets

Richardson: NKorea trip is private, humanitarian

Extreme weather tough on transportation system