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U.S. Supreme Court rejects singer Rundgren's Chase suit appeal

US murder suspect discharged from Bali hospital after giving birth

Major trials prompt calls for cameras in federal courtrooms

Knox, lawyers react to Italy high court verdict

US military to charge Bergdahl with desertion

Ex-U.S. war prisoner Bergdahl charged with desertion, misbehavior

Ex-U.S. war prisoner Bergdahl charged with desertion, misbehaviour

Terror convict: My mother and the FBI violated my rights

Defense moves into spotlight in Boston Marathon bombing trial

Cuba silent on Canadian's corruption trial

Pa. coffee run leads to hatchet hitchhiker arrest

WikiLeaks case file fight moves to federal court

Ventura wants 'American Sniper' lawsuit to proceed

NY lawsuit over Marvel's Ghost Rider reinstated

Feds in NY: Russian mob ran celebrity poker games

Pentagon accused of data breach in Gitmo ship case

Obama wants more certainty on Syrian chemical arms

Senate panel approves immigration bill

Jurors deliberate Arias fate amid spectacle

House passes bill to prioritize US debt payments

US calls for NKorea amnesty for sentenced American

Ariz. mother of 7 fights drug allegation in Mexico

Feds in NY: Costa Rica money biz a hub for crooks

DOJ closer to settlement on AB InBev-Modelo deal

Alaska-based soldier gets 16 years in spy case

Boston bomb suspect charged religious motive seen

Trial begins over baby food lead warning

Labor board to appeal recess case to Supreme Court

Peterson screams, then gets 38 years for murder

Jackson Jr.'s district has history of corruption

2 ask to waive RI jury trial in Navy kickback case

Lawmakers urge oversight of drone program

Rivals prepare for legal battle over abortion bans

Astor son, 88, loses appeal, could face prison

Chrysler now a rising star among automakers

Lawyer fired in 9/11 case at Guantanamo

BP seeks sanctions over missing cement samples

NJ Revel casino files for bankruptcy

Sea Shepherd ships dock in Australia without boss

Verdicts reached in Bell, Calif., corruption case

In Mexico, self-defense squads battle violence

Hunt for murderer mistakenly freed in Chicago

Lawmakers test legal waters for regulating drones

Feds: 3 nabbed for widespread Gozi computer virus

9-11 Relatives See al Qaida Suspects

Victims jockey to maximize refunds in PFGBest case

Obama's envoy for closing Gitmo prison reassigned

'Dallas Buyers Club' takes homophobic cowboy's AIDS tale to Toronto

Apple, Samsung do not have to disclose profit details - court

Trial reset for Saudi airman in Vegas sex case

Detroit may use water department funds to pay pension debts, Orr says

Chinese politician Bo Xilai gets life sentence

Openness in Bo trial ended when he accused bosses

Cellphone users can halt automated calls, court rules in Dell loss

For leak, Bradley Manning gets stiffest punishment

Chile judge closes Pinochet money probe

Vitaminwater lawsuit to proceed as class action

Fight over New Orleans jail reform funds to resume

Court: Hobby Lobby can challenge health care law

US agency sues Corzine over failure of MF Global

Hong Kong silent so far on Snowden extradition

High emotions, little spectacle at Fort Hood trial

Detroit businesses fret over city's unpaid bills

Microsoft, Motorola set for second round of trial over patents