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Allegiant pilots plan Thursday strike, scrapping 250 flights

Offensive into Tikrit intensifies

U.S.-led coalition conducts air strikes against Islamic State targets near...

U.S., allies target Islamic State in Tikrit, other Iraqi cities

Iran-backed militias not involved in Tikrit clearing - U.S. general

Iraqi forces drive Islamic State out of central Tikrit: PM

Iraq resumes offensive to recapture Tikrit

Iraqi forces press ahead with Tikrit offensive

Iraqi forces drive Islamic State out of central Tikrit

Fresh fighting in Tikrit as Iraqi forces advance

Detroit panel OKs raises for city officials: Detroit Free Press

AP PHOTOS: Iraqi forces struggle to take back Tikrit

The Rolling Stones return to U.S. with 15-city 'Zip Code' tour

Iraqi minister says Tikrit to be recaptured within 'hours'

US sees opportunity in Iran's pullback in Iraq

U.S.-led coalition, Iraqis pound Islamic State in Tikrit

Indy Mayor Slams Law: 'Discrimination Is Wrong'

Foreign buying of U.S. bonds more talk than reality

US' Kissinger pays respect to late Singapore leader

After US airstrikes, Iraq troops start final push for Tikrit

Iraq Forces Resume Fight for Tikrit

Ally Financial lease deal keeps headquarters in Detroit

Iran says US drone kills 2 advisers in Iraq US denies claim

Former U.S. President Clinton bids farewell to Singapore's founder Lee

Iraq claims victory over Islamic State in Tikrit

Grateful Oklahomans salvage belongings after killer storm

Florida has 6 of the nation's fastest-growing metro areas

Repairs to downed border fence top $700,000

Mexico double-transplant patient gets US humanitarian pass

US Olympic Committee says committed to Boston bid for 2024 Games

Singapore's final farewell to Lee

A history of the Islamic State group as Iraq retakes Tikrit

Iraqi security forces battle Islamic State in Tikrit

Enemy fire, booby-traps delay Iraqi forces' advance in Tikrit

Ex-U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. released from prison: media reports

Iraq premier: Troops in center of Islamic State-held Tikrit

A look at America's complicated collage of a Mideast policy

Mexico double-transplant patient eyes US humanitarian entry

Tribe turns to international commission in ski resort fight

Young Mexican in need of transplant denied visa by the US

Iraqi Shiite cleric calls for unity after militia pullout

Saudi-led forces strike Yemen rebels, blockade ports

1 person killed when tornadoes hit Oklahoma, Arkansas

Census: Florida city tops list of fastest-growing areas

In Japan first, Tokyo district recognizes same-sex partnerships

Singapore bids farewell to Lee Kuan Yew in elaborate funeral

Museum's 'Little Syria' exhibit going to Ellis Island

Iraq special forces advance in Tikrit, US coalition joins fight

US tribe turns to international commission in resort fight

Saudis begin airstrikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen

'Llama drama' owners say US draws line against appearances

Tikrit: Sunni bastion on road to Islamic State-held Mosul

Istanbul police kill woman carrying bomb near police HQ

Iran nuclear talks to run on

Ministers from Iran, six powers meet to end impasse in nuclear talks

Complaint prompts llama drama in Arizona