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Miami pitcher Jose Fernandez, from Cuba, becomes US citizen

Miami Marlins Jose Fernandez Becomes US Citizen

Pakistan expresses shock over deaths of US, Italian hostage

Business group sees thousands of U.S. jobs from Pacific trade deal

Death prompts push for Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage

Spain rejects U.S. extradition of 'London Whale' supervisor

Alabama woman reportedly joins Islamic State in Syria

US police: Man facing rape charges tried to flee country

Supporters of Senate Iran bill swatting away amendments

Deaths raise questions about ways to aid abducted Americans

After drone killings, pressure for a new hostage strategy

World offers help after Nepal quake, but few know scope yet

Russia arms Iraq, Syria to help combat Islamic State: Lavrov

Russia arms Iraq, Syria to help combat Islamic State - Lavrov

Obama: US Better Off With Loretta Lynch

Guatemala asks for renewal of UN commission probing crime

Saudi Diplomat: Yemeni Rebels Won't Win

Hungary says FBI chief insensitive, superficial on Holocaust

Saudi Arabia says IS group behind killing of 2 policemen

A masterful new biography of artist Isamu Noguchi

Ohio in a minority as high court weighs same-sex marriage

US-Cuba relations challenge ballplayers choosing pro path

Lynch inherits civil rights probes from Holder as U.S. attorney general

Michael Brown's family sues Ferguson over shooting death

Some police in US looking to body cameras on their own

Poles wait for FBI chief to apologize over Holocaust remarks

Turkey says Austrian accusation of Armenian genocide damages ties...

US lets in Thai fish caught by slaves despite law

What's at stake in US Supreme Court gay marriage arguments

Military Leak Nets Petraeus 2 Years Probation

Toll climbs after powerful quake hits Nepal: Things to Know

Republicans seen scrapping Ryan Medicare plan in U.S. budget push

Q&A: Issues, possible legal outcomes in gay marriage cases

Q&A: What's at stake in Supreme Court gay marriage arguments

Each death in Baltimore makes mistrust harder to overcome

Gay marriage a difficult issue for GOP White House hopefuls

Police, politicians push surveillance post-Boston

North Korean leader sends special envoy to China

Publisher: Sen. Warren book coming out in 2014

Mexico cartel dominates, torches western state

Cuba silent on Canadian's corruption trial

Pakistan arrested American who was killed by drone

Arrests in New Orleans parade shootings cheered

Bolivia lashes at Sean Penn over jailed American

Afghanistan: Bomb kills 15, including 6 Americans

Watchdog: Israel trying to legalize settlements

Obama walking a familiar path on IRS allegations

Merkel, Obama to discuss NSA surveillance program

US secrets leaker has options to stay in Hong Kong

AP IMPACT: Commander of Nazi-led unit lives in US

Afghan Taliban boldly attack on Kabul airport

Texas governor woos disgruntled Conn. gun makers

A look at the North Korea crisis

Giffords receives Profile in Courage award

Chinese air their cases by petitioning White House

Turkey says it won't be drawn into Syria conflict

AP Exclusive: Health reforms penalize some Indians

NKorea: Detained American smuggled in propaganda

Anti-militias protesters attacked in Libya

Genocide survivor: saved by member of enemy tribe

Crossing a 'red line'? US says Syria used poison