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Top German spy says Berlin under cyber attack from other states

Obama orders review of 'terrorist-related' hostage cases

House intel panel debunks many Benghazi theories

House report debunks Benghazi allegations

AP Exclusive: Some in NSA warned of a backlash

GOP-led House report debunks Benghazi allegations

Benghazi coverup allegations rejected in house investigation

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NSA chief warns Chinese cyber attacks could shut US infrastructure

Iran still stalling as nuclear deadline looms: U.N. agency

Iran still stalling as nuclear deadline looms - U.N. agency

West not expected to demand Iran atom bomb "mea culpa" in deal

West not expected to demand Iran atom bomb 'mea culpa' in deal

John Downey, judge and former POW, dies at 84

Israel vows harsh response to synagogue attack

Special Report: Flaws found in Ukraine's probe of Maidan massacre

Obama responds warily to sex scandal, FBI probe

GOP opposition to diplomat Rice begins to crack

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Armstrong gets support from fellow riders

AP Exclusive: Nigeria secret police details leaked

Syrian rebels launch major offensive in Aleppo

Ex-police chief charged in China political scandal

Obama's CIA pick chose spycraft over priesthood

3 Kurds killed in Paris political motive claimed

1 killed in suicide attack on Afghan spy agency

Syrian forces escalate offensive in Homs

Voyager 1 becomes 1st craft to leave solar system

Analysis - Despite fears, NSA revelations helping U.S. tech industry

Analysis - Brazil and U.S., like star-crossed lovers, foiled again

Syria's Assad: An accidental heir proves resilient

As Syria war escalates, Americans cool to U.S. intervention: Reuters/Ipsos...

Clapper to publish numbers of secret spying orders

UK asked N.Y. Times to destroy Snowden material

US posts in Muslim world will remain closed

A look at Al-Qaida In Arabian Peninsula

Mexico's new gov't follows old drug war strategy

New Snowden documents say NSA can break common Internet encryption

Obama, Rousseff meet in Russia after disclosure of alleged U.S. spying

US spies missed signs of Aug. 21 Syrian strike

Millions rally in Egypt, responding to army call

Chilly reception for Kerry in Brazil, Colombia?

House narrowly rejects effort to halt NSA program

Intel chief: Spying on allies is two-way street

Outrage mounts across Europe as more information released about alleged...

Hundreds march in Washington against NSA spying