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Supreme Court rejects Rajat Gupta's insider trading appeal

Citigroup must face South Korean bank's lawsuit over failed CDO

Bonds' obstruction conviction thrown out by appeals court

U.S. court hears Chevron's fraud claims in $9.5 billion Ecuador dispute

Fugitive fails to revive Facebook lawsuit, block criminal case

Same-sex marriage pioneer among lawyers for high court cases

Attorneys aim to get founder of Montana club released

U.S. strikes out with prosecution of baseball great Barry Bonds

Judge returns ultra-rich club founder Tim Blixseth to jail

Wife of ex-Virginia governor: Corruption trial was unfair

BofA questions judge's impartiality as it appeals big fraud verdict

Barry Bonds' obstruction conviction thrown out by US court

BALCO & Biogenesis may be over, but steroids cloud remains

Kleiner Perkins seeks almost $1 million in costs in Pao case

New Jersey Governor Christie's approval rating falls to lowest yet

Another condemned Ala inmate claiming innocence

NY lawsuit over Marvel's Ghost Rider reinstated

NY state senator charged with embezzlement

Obama nominates 3 to appeals court, testing GOP

Control towers at 149 small airports to stay open

Lawyer says convicted lobbyist won't go to jail

Appeals court hears challenge to gay therapy ban

Ohio Amish in beard-cutting case fight for release

NY appeals court puts stop to Madoff SEC lawsuit

House passes GOP bill to halt Labor Board action

Judge to retire after sending racist Obama email

Labor board to appeal recess case to Supreme Court

Judge awards $208K in fees in Ky. liquor fight

Court: NY plane crash cleanup is county's expense

Ill. gov. wants appeal of concealed carry ruling

Court OKs treatment requirement for Calif. almonds

Obama attempting to change face of the judiciary

Ky. attorney general sues GlaxoSmithKline

Court says gov't can be sued over guards' actions

High court skeptical of federal marriage law

Court hears Fla. appeal of Cuba contracts law

Feds set deadline for NY's Westchester County

Court: Can drug companies pay to delay generics?

Sea Shepherd ships dock in Australia without boss

Law firm: Phoenix lawyer dies from shooting wounds

Hunt for murderer mistakenly freed in Chicago

Calif. Speaker seeks to expand Medi-Cal for poor

Ky. coal company sues worker who had safety worry

Ex-Mamtek CEO waives hearing on fraud charges

Report: NSA cracked most online encryption

Apple, Samsung do not have to disclose profit details - court

Probe clears BP claims administrator despite staff misconduct

Appeals court upholds slugger Bonds' conviction

Appeals court upholds California ban on foie gras