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Commerzbank nears $1.4 billion-plus settlement with US: sources

Exclusive - Commerzbank nears $1.4 billion-plus settlement with U.S.-...

Exclusive: Commerzbank nears $1.4 billion-plus settlement with U.S. -...

U.S. trial of suspected al Qaeda operative heads to jury

Australian senator seeks inquiry into BHP, Leighton bribery suspicions

Detentions of major Mexico drug chiefs in recent years

Brazil arrests US leader wanted on sex charges

U.S. had tried to deport man later killed by Los Angeles police

U.S. to charge democratic Senator Menendez of New Jersey with corruption:...

Joe Biden in Guatemala to talk Central America funding

Pelosi calls for Democrats to support bill

Suspected "maternity hotels" raided in California

U.S. begins measures to buy time under debt limit

Boehner, other top House members urge weapons for Ukraine

California 'maternity hotel' operators may face heat from guests

Searches focus on rings to help Chinese women have US babies

Venezuela to shrink US Embassy staff, require tourist visas

Alabama justices: Until high court rules, we're in charge

NHTSA could tap unexercised authority to speed Takata recalls

'Heroic' Detroit judge was wounded trying to protect family

Huawei, Intel expand tie-up amid China's rising scrutiny of U.S. tech firms

Uber says to suspend low-cost ride service in Seoul

AP EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Guantanamo detainees struggle in Uruguay

Japan tells Uber to halt free pilot service in Fukuoka - Kyodo

Congress passes one-week spending fix for domestic security agency

Mexico raided migrant train 153 times in last year

Venezuela frees four detained North Dakota missionaries

Accused al Qaeda operative wrote in code about UK bomb plot: U.S.

U.S. jury convicts Pakistani tied to al Qaeda bomb plot

Freight train carrying crude oil derails

Disabled jet lifted off New York runway as investigation opens

Kremlin critic wants international probe into Nemtsov death

Exclusive: Nemtsov killing sign of worsening climate in Russia - Obama

Exclusive - Nemtsov killing sign of worsening climate in Russia: Obama

Agents target industry helping Chinese women have US babies

Senate fails to override Obama's veto of Keystone XL approval

Derailed U.S. oil train still burning shipment delays expected

Barclays gives information to U.S. precious metals probe

Credit Suisse says lifts provisions in U.S. mortgage securities case

Pentagon calls Mosul briefing a mistake by CentCom

Congress' dysfunction not limited to Homeland Security fight

Benghazi panel to issue subpoenas for more Clinton emails

Sex offender who fled Canada for Seattle charged with rape

'Jihadi John' part of network linked to failed London bombers: court papers

'Jihadi John' part of network linked to failed London bombers - court...

Dempsey says Iranian hand in Iraq could turn out well