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'American Sniper' still atop global box office

'American Sniper' holds top spot at weekend box office

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'Trek' does $70.6M but falls short of studio hopes

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'Oz' again tops box office with $42.2 million

McCarthy's 'Identity Thief' tops box office again

US joins fraud lawsuit against Lance Armstrong

'G.I. Joe' commands No. 1 at box office with $41M

Mishandled votes could become valid

Disney's 'Oz' granted $79.1M debut at box office

'Giant Slayer' opens weakly with $27.2 million

Boston Nurses Tell of Bloody Marathon Aftermath

Sapphires top Aussie film in 2012

'Warm Bodies' heats up box office with $20 million

Gravity remains No 1 at Aussie box office

Mayweather-Alvarez bout is richest fight ever

'The Butler' stays on top with $17 million

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'Wolverine' cuts loose with $53.1M at box office

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China's movie market booms with local content, cinema expansion

China box office revenue hits $3.6 bn in 2013

Special Report: How China's weapon snatchers are penetrating U.S. defenses

'Hobbit' trumps ratings-obsessed 'Anchorman' at box office

'Hobbit' box office elite with $73.7M

'The Hobbit' stays atop box office for third week

'Zero Dark Thirty' captures No. 1 at box office

Skyfall holds the Australian box office

ACT region faces extreme fire danger

5 thoughts to chew on from the Champions League

'Catching Fire,' 'Frozen' break box office records

'Catching Fire' and Disney's 'Frozen' top record box office weekend

Industry unimpressed with CSG exclusion zones

Murdoch's BSkyB looks to secure base in UK

'Ride Along' steers to top of N. American box office

'Lone Survivor' wins box office with $37.8M

Anti-Obama doc highlights weak Hollywood newcomers

No surprises at Angola's 2nd election in 20 years

'Expendables 2' brawls to No. 1 with $28.8M

'Expendables 2' captures No. 1 spot with $28.6M

80 percent of Sochi Olympic tickets sold