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UK government would oppose any takeover of BP: FT

Government would oppose any takeover of BP - FT

Labour Party aims focus on family budgets ahead of elections - FT

China, India, on U.S. list for intellectual property concerns

No new trial for man behind illicit Silk Road website

LA judge declines to reduce Suge Knight's bail in murder case

Merkel joins survivors, US vets to mark Dachau liberation

5 charges filed against teen in Washington school shooting

Merkel says Germans can never forget death camp horrors

Juice would be spilled: Imagining 2 Floridas, South & North

Wa. Teacher's First Thought: Get the Gun Away

Washington teacher's first thought was get the gun away

Nepal's devout see divine anger in quake's devastation

$1 million in jewelry stolen near Cannes film fest

Four busted over school trashing and thefts

Immigrant in Italy kills 1 in pickaxe rampage

'Watch Dogs' video game a sign of the times

Accountant jailed for $1 million fraud

Victim in Texas parade crash accused of lying

Myanmar jails man for attack that sparked rioting

Despite solitude, hermit had taste for fine things

Milan prosecutors demand 6 years for Berlusconi

Man put to death for Texas store abduction slaying

Swallowed ring recovered by NH police

Obama signs law limiting disclosure requirements

Stolen stamps resurface after 30 years

AFP discriminated on basis of crim record

Roger Dean led help away from fire: court

Cybersecurity Tops Agenda for Obama-Xi Meeting

Obama pressed Chinese leader on cybersecurity

Police arrest man over carjacking with two-year-old girl in back seat

SF, NY officials wait to judge Apple 'kill switch'

Operator in Philly collapse deaths surrenders

Election council to audit vote in Venezuela

Bombing probe highlights expansion of surveillance

Woman convicted in Huey Lewis car theft in Calif.

Family violence driving up Victorian crime statistics

Feds in NY: Costa Rica money biz a hub for crooks

Perth woman bites cop after liquor theft

Authorities: Maine hermit attracts marriage offer

US urges China collaboration on cyber intrusions

Former official charged in Texas DA slayings

Handbag snatch could lead to hefty loss

Tyco: No proof Lilly thieves used security report

NSW police seize 95,000 pirated DVDs

NT sailor pleads guilty to theft, assault