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Today in History

New faces help Texas A&M get past New Mexico 64-51

Garcia Marquez archive goes to University of Texas

Longtime AP reporter Juan Carlos Llorca dies at 40

US police: More than 100 rounds fired

Texas A&M rallies late to down Charleston 59-50

Texas OKs most new history textbooks amid outcry

Austin police: More than 100 rounds fired

Travel Mess Could Stretch Into Thanksgiving

Garcia Marquez family explains archive decision

5 children killed in South Texas house fire

Lawmaker: Fight with militants needs 'Arab face'

Jindal seen as liability for GOP candidate Cassidy

Turnovers doom No. 17 UConn in loss to W. Virginia

Analysis: Veto gives Obama edge on immigration

West Virginia too much for No. 17 UConn, 78-68

Obama: Americans want 'new car smell' in 2016

Stymied? Republicans seek immigration response

Visitors crowd Vegas buffets for a day of feasting

Man who ambushed cops had anti-government beliefs

Mining boom at stake, Greenland votes amid turmoil

Obama defends moves on immigration

US agency threatens to act against air bag maker

GOP wisdom shifts on immigration

Black Friday gun buys test background check system

Facing health law hikes, consumers mull options

Southern Democrats trying to recover lost ground

Dogfighting thrives in years since Vick case

GOP hopefuls avoid specifics in response to Obama

In Britain, US turkey dinner is business

Searching for authenticity on my first cruise

More signs of Florida shooter's troubled life

GOP govs starting to strut their stuff for 2016

Southern Democrats urge a return to party basics

3 Reasons holiday shoppers will spend cautiously

Rickshaw research reveals extreme Delhi pollution

Oil plunge a panacea for much of world economy

Holiday albums from Idina Menzel, 'Downton Abbey'

Correction: Deadly Crash story

Suit targets 'locator' chips in Texas student IDs

Energy experts say drilling can be made cleaner

Twinkie Maker Hostess to Close Down, Sell Brands

Hamilton agrees to $125M, 5-year deal with Angels

Fewer health care options for illegal immigrants

Federal judges sue to win promised pay increases

Criminal probe adds to Texas cancer agency woes

Cowboys player death raises question of safety net

Armstrong resisted subpoena, then wanted secrecy

Amid Newtown tragedy, scam artists creep in

Fiscal cliff stalemate spurs anxiety in states

Big 12 basketball lacking depth this season

Storm rakes half of nation Arkansas still dark

Annual bird counts give scientists climate clues

Powerful Storms Spawn Damage, Snarl Travel

Vikings deny Texans home-field playoff advantage

Red Sox look for innings in Dempster

Proposed Russian ban dismays US adoption groups