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Canada urges EU to keep Hamas listed as terror group

EU insists on Hamas terror status after blacklist removal

Turkish police raid media close to Muslim cleric, 24 arrested

Turkish FM visits Iran for talks on Syria crisis

Dozens of shots fired at Israeli embassy in Athens

India slams Pakistan after Mumbai attacks mastermind bailed

Aust women off to be jihadi brides: report

Taliban attack on Pakistan school draws global revulsion

Pakistan forces kill 27 militants in northwest: military

EU court says Hamas should be removed from terror list

Around 180 Syrian soldiers, jihadists reported killed in battle for base

France says it has 'neutralised' 200 jihadists in Sahel

Flag displayed in Martin Place hostage crisis not Islamic State flag

Gunmen may have IED, top cop says

Can identifying mental illness stop terror attacks?

Iran condemns deadly Australia hostage-taking

Obama vows no safe haven for Islamic State

Obama Thanks Troops Amid Afghan Drawdown

TSA chief: Travelers from some nations targeted

Boko Haram likely behind Jos bombings: Nigerian state govt

Syrian rebel 'hell cannons' kill 300 civilians: monitoring group

Syrian rebel 'hell cannons' kill 300 civilians - monitoring group

Five men lose appeal against 2009 terrorism convictions

Iranian cleric Man Haron Monis named as man behind siege

Iranian cleric Man Haron Monis named as man behind siege

Far-left group suspected of Athens Israeli embassy attack

Islamic State recruits broadly, not just fighters

Trial opens of Muslim Brotherhood deputy in Jordan

Pakistan warns prisons of 'massive' jailbreak

'Team America' screenings also pulled from theaters

New York charges arms traffickers over FARC conspiracy

Stars and others react to 'Interview' cancellation

Some Pakistan militants denounce school attack, amid national outrage

Spain holds four accused of recruiting women Islamist militants

Palestinians set deadline for Israeli occupation

Pakistan massacre survivors vow to defy Taliban