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Florida Rep. Patrick Murphy announces bid for U.S. Senate seat in 2016

Ted Cruz announces presidential bid at Liberty University

Texas' Cruz Kicks Off Presidential Run

AP Analysis of Ted Cruz's Presidential Bid

Obamacare foe Ted Cruz to sign up for coverage under the plan

Cruz's fiery message has limited appeal to some Republicans

House OKs bipartisan Medicare doctor bill fate up to Senate

Cruz targets conservatives as he starts White House run

Ted Cruz to Announce 2016 Presidential Run

Ted Cruz announces 2016 US presidential bid

Texas Republican Cruz announces presidential run

Senator Ted Cruz Running for President

Cruz to become first major candidate to jump into 2016 race

Cruz's fiery message has limited appeal to some in GOP

Ted Cruz seeks to enlist U.S. Christians for 2016 White House bid

Pelosi irks some allies over bipartisan bill with Boehner

Immigration becomes volatile issue in Republican race

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Cruz wants to scrap IRS, but that's easier said than done

Abolish the IRS? Easy to say, but awfully hard to do

Wiggly words on immigration from potential Republican field

Boehner, Pelosi show gridlock is not U.S. Congress's only option

Republican Sen. Coats to retire, won't run in 2016

Rubio pins presidential hopes on foreign policy focus

U.S. Senator Cruz to announce presidential run

Ouster of IRS official isn't ending investigations

Trio of troubles threatening Obama's second term

Gov't dysfunction may be baked into the system

Obama walking a familiar path on IRS allegations

Rand Paul's NSA rebukes could help or hurt in 2016

Upper Klamath Basin braces for irrigation shutoffs

House chairman sees IRS errors as part of pattern

The IRS and its tea party tempest

Top IRS official didn't reveal tea party targeting

AP Exclusive: IRS knew tea party targeted in 2011

Markey, Gomez win Mass. US Senate primaries

Cameron's Conservatives suffer in UK local votes

Dems pouring money, Obama into Mass. Senate race

Was IRS targeting limited to Cincinnati office?

Mass. GOP candidate Gomez on his own for now

IRS apologizes for targeting tea party groups

NRA official: 'Culture war' more than gun rights

Democrat drops out, says goal was to oust Bachmann

Paul says he is considering 2016 presidential bid

Mich. Gov. Snyder says fed health exchange looms

Conservative leader says GOP must broaden appeal

SC's Graham shows limits of tea party intimidation

Unyielding GOP politicians doing what voters ask

Partisan discord finds roots in toss-up districts

GOP lawmakers offer alternative to automatic cuts

Conservatives make gun issue new rallying cry

Republicans face a balancing act on immigration

THE RESET: GOP, Dems hold soul-searching retreats

Ex-SC Gov. Sanford done apologizing, ready to run

Band of Republicans pushes immigration in US House

Special Report: Myanmar old guard clings to $8 billion jade empire

House Republicans eye options on possible shutdown

Stocks fall on third day of US government shutdown

Debt limit overtaking shutdown as US crisis focus

Voters shifting right force House GOP to keep pace

Parties find something to agree on: Nationals

Obama rallies faithful ahead of August recess

GOP redistricting skills may hurt immigration push

Flood insurance changes run into resistance

Immigration bill clears Senate test

Q&A: Probes of IRS treatment of tea party proceed

Hundreds protest Texas abortion restrictions

US Congress to pass last-ditch deal to avert default

Obama apologizes to Americans losing coverage

US conservatives: 'We lost' but debt-ceiling fight worth it

Obama pushes immigration reform, Republicans still wary