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Ahead of election, Cameron pledges to cut inheritance tax from 2017

FACT CHECK: Estate tax hits fewer than 1 percent of estates

Obama makes new push on middle-class tax proposals

Labour pledge 7.5 billion pound tax avoidance clampdown

Cameron's inheritance tax cut will help only a few - Labour

Fund for Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder hints at presidential run

Trillions of dollars needed for new bid to end poverty by 2030

US budget deficit expanded slightly in fiscal first half

U.S. fast-food workers mark Tax Day demanding higher wages

Fiscal target delay would pressure Japan debt rating - Moody's

Oil companies’ profits hit by quest for crude price exposure

Ford sales accelerate in recovering European market

Campaign begins in Arizona to make recreational marijuana legal

Walker's Wisconsin budget shows his conservative ideals

Bible stories and thrillers make Morocco filming choice

US retail sales heat up in March has big thaw arrived?

Labour Party most likely to form government, Deutsche Bank research shows

Portugal's exports seen hitting new record despite Angola slump

Christie proposes overhaul of Social Security benefits

Insight - Brazil's iPhone investment falls short on promises of jobs,...

Brazil's iPhone investment falls short on promises of jobs, lower prices

Germany needs to significantly increase investment - experts

US homebuilders' outlook for spring sales surges

Japan machinery orders fall, uncertain outlook keeps BOJ on edge

Wells Fargo net income falls slightly from a year earlier

Boehner names allies to negotiate U.S. House-Senate joint budget

Presidential hopeful Christie risks backlash with retiree policy

Top US lawmakers strike deal to fast-track trade deals

UKIP tries to boost flagging support with image shift

JPMorgan 1Q profit rises 12 percent

OECD says BOJ has done enough, warns of QQE risks

Australia to withhold payments from parents against vaccine

'Slicing and dicing': How some U.S. firms could win big in 2016 elections

Apple digs in on green with China solar, US forest projects

Hawkish U.S. foreign policy at heart of Rubio's presidential bid

Union might postpone vote seeking to organise Boeing's South Carolina plant

McVeigh defense archive shows bomber viewed blast as failure

Union might postpone vote seeking to organize Boeing's South Carolina plant

From red tape to red carpet and then some

Obama offers praise, complaints for Republicans

Lawmakers accuse Google of dishonesty over taxes

Israeli leader under fire for costly lifestyle

Trio of troubles threatening Obama's second term

Gov't dysfunction may be baked into the system

'Not an election budget', state goes further into debt

Deficit, debt ahead of Tas election

Between economy and trouble, Obama approval steady

US durable goods orders rise 3.3 percent in April

Cuba lifts ban on energy-hogging appliances

New Egypt tax law: cuts for poor, business hikes

US new home sales up 2.3 percent in April

Qld Government dumps electricity rebate plan, flood levy

Swan says surplus would have hurt economy

EU to shift bill for bank failures to creditors

Budget finds right balance, Swan says

US retail sales jump 0.6 percent in May on autos

Census: Rural US loses population for first time

Resist the temptation of sector rotation

San Francisco parking spot sells for $82,000

Tanzania's albinos hope govt will offer more help

AP PHOTOS:Tanzania albinos hope for more govt help

Emergency manager: Detroit won't pay $2.5B it owes

Energex, Ergon power merger proposal smacks of secret privatisation plan,...

Brazilians protest high cost of hosting World Cup