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Eyeing election, Canada Conservatives balance budget with asset sales

UK banks look again at move to Asia

Moving HQ to Singapore makes sense for Standard Chartered: Aberdeen's Young

StanChart says 'listening carefully' to investors on UK domicile

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Ukrainian-born Blavatnik tops UK rich list, Queen falls out of top 300

HSBC to look at best place for HQ when 'mist lifts' on regulation

UK voters left in dark on post-election fiscal plans: think tank

Voters left in dark on post-election fiscal plans - think tank

Yahoo's 1Q disappoints, but stock rises on Yahoo Japan hopes

Labour Party pledges to control rents if elected on May 7

Analysis - Productivity puzzle to tax UK election victor

Protest held in Ethiopia over killings by Islamic extremists

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The Iron Lady set to win Iron Ore battle!

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Environmentalist flees Russia, citing fears for children

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Social media a key battleground in Britain's election

Scientists convinced of tie between earthquakes and drilling

Generic drugmaker Teva makes $40 billion offer for rival Mylan

Deutsche Bank first-quarter profit falls by half as legal charges bite

Deutsche Bank first quarter profit falls by half as legal charges bite

After Deutsche, more pain to come in German retail bank sector

As Amazon parties on, some large fund managers take their leave

Bipartisanship breaks out on Capitol Hill _ at least for now

Airbus upbeat on sales as A380 marks bitter-sweet anniversary

Greek cash seen lasting into June, no EU deal imminent

Greece's shifting bailout deadlines fuel uncertainty

Republicans seen scrapping Ryan Medicare plan in U.S. budget push

France's 'economic patriotism' is not what it seems

Insight - France's 'economic patriotism' is not what it seems

Obama offers praise, complaints for Republicans

Lawmakers accuse Google of dishonesty over taxes

Israeli leader under fire for costly lifestyle

Trio of troubles threatening Obama's second term

Gov't dysfunction may be baked into the system

'Not an election budget', state goes further into debt

Deficit, debt ahead of Tas election

Between economy and trouble, Obama approval steady

US durable goods orders rise 3.3 percent in April

Cuba lifts ban on energy-hogging appliances

New Egypt tax law: cuts for poor, business hikes

US new home sales up 2.3 percent in April

Qld Government dumps electricity rebate plan, flood levy

Swan says surplus would have hurt economy

EU to shift bill for bank failures to creditors

Budget finds right balance, Swan says

US retail sales jump 0.6 percent in May on autos

Census: Rural US loses population for first time

Resist the temptation of sector rotation

San Francisco parking spot sells for $82,000

Tanzania's albinos hope govt will offer more help

AP PHOTOS:Tanzania albinos hope for more govt help