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A look at EU's handling of the Mediterranean migrant influx

A look at the Mediterranean migrant influx

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GOP White House hopefuls bicker over America's role in world

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The Latest: Captain and crew member arrested

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EU bid to label Hezbollah wing terror group

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'Red Line' _ US Says Syria Used Chemical Weapons

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Syrian rebels capture country's largest dam

Tunisians head abroad to perform jihad

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Renewed nuke sale fear after recent NKorea test

Desperate, some fleeing Syria turn to prostitution

Syrian opposition head visits rebel areas in north

Abduction illustrates UN vulnerability in Syria

Syrian jets bomb northern city overrun by rebels

Bulgaria links Hezbollah to bombing of Israelis

Al Qaeda affiliate claims attacks against Shi'ites in Baghdad

Turkey says almost all G20 leaders support operation against Syria

Syria is said to be hiding weapons, moving troops

Obama gets top Republican support on Syria strike

U.S. Officials say 'no smoking gun' implicating Assad in chemical attack

WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK: Obama alludes to Syrian war

Russia's Putin calls John Kerry a liar on Syria

Al-Qaida-linked Syria rebels hit Christian village

Obama: US action would send Assad 'strong signal'

Analysis: Strike on Syria could trigger retaliatory attacks, cyberwar

British defence, oil business in Gulf may be vulnerable to Syria

Securing Syria's arsenal is rife with challenges

Weapons experts start Syria mission amid clashes

Syria warns Turkey will 'pay dearly' for rebel support

Direct link between Assad and gas attack elusive for U.S.

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Cities plead their cases for 2020 Games, vote looms

Insight: Syria's economy goes underground as black market thrives

Insight: Syria's economy goes underground as black market thrives

AP Interview: Putin warns West on Syria action

Destroying Syria's chemical weapons is a daunting task

President's brother key to Syria regime survival

Iraqi Kurds seek funds from oil companies for Syria refugees