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Two rockets from Syria strike Israeli-occupied Golan: Israeli military

U.S.-led air strikes hit Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq

Assad seeks agreement over U.S. air strikes in Syria

Rockets fired from Syria hit Israeli-held Golan: army

Syria approves U.N. $2.9 billion humanitarian aid plan for 2015

Air strikes alone not enough to defeat Islamic State: NATO chief

Israel military says its airstrikes target Syrian army posts

Hezbollah head says not seeking new war but warns Israel

Syria says approves U.N. $2.9 billion humanitarian aid plan for 2015

Czech president calls for united action against Islamic State

Next round of Syria talks in Moscow in a month: delegate

Next round of Syria talks in Moscow in a month - delegate

Air strike kills IS 'chemical weapons expert'

Too soon to say 'mission accomplished' in Kobani: US official

Hezbollah fires missile salvo, killing 2 Israeli soldiers

Israel air force hits Syrian army after Golan rocket fire

Iran warns US of 'consequences' for Israeli attack

Three killed in Israel-Hezbollah violence

Kurds expel IS jihadists from Syria's Kobane

Kurdish forces celebrate in Kobani

Hezbollah missile wounds four Israeli soldiers on Lebanon frontier

IS suffers 'devastating' blows but biggest fighting still ahead

Abe continues to call on Jordan for hostage release

Battles continue outside Syria's Kobani after Kurds claim victory

Obama: Counterterrorism operations in Yemen not affected

Kurdish PM says U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State faces long war

Kurds expand fight against IS after retaking Syria's Kobane

UN Security Council to meet on Israel-Lebanon flare-up

Israel says Hezbollah not interested in escalating violence

Coalition air raids back up Kurdish advance in Iraq: US

Hopes of return muted in devastated Syrian Kurdish town

US sees Kobani as key win, but Mosul may require new tactics

Saudis seek greater US role in Mideast as Obama visits

Islamic State standoff involves prisoner, pilot, journalist

Netanyahu blasts Iran for Hezbollah attack on Lebanon border

US sees space for cooperation with India on Islamic State

Kurd allies fighting IS in north Iraq hampered by rivalries

White House seeks $534 billion base defense budget, $51 billion for wars

Iraq forces 'liberate' Diyala province from IS