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Israel warns Lebanon, Syria not to allow attacks

Night light

Russia and Syria's historical ties

No new polio cases in Syria reported for a year: WHO

Russia and Syria's historical ties

UN saw drones before Israeli air strike on Syria

U.S.-led forces launch 31 air strikes in Iraq, Syria: U.S. military

Jail for US teen who wanted to fight in Syria

Assad seeks agreement over U.S. air strikes in Syria

Kurds cut off strategic route in northern Iraq used by IS

Clashes with gunmen on Syria border kill 5 Lebanese troops

Angelina Jolie uses her starpower for good

Jolie in Iraq, says more needed for Iraq and Syria refugees

Man goes on trial in Germany for helping attack on Syrian jail

Italian doctor reported missing in Libya

Coalition air strikes hit Islamic State near Kobani, Tal Afar - U.S....

Russian FM says Moscow hopes for success of Syria talks

German police arrest two suspected members of Islamic State

Coalition aircraft pound IS in northern Iraq

Five Lebanese soldiers killed in clashes with militants in Syria

Amvid of Japanese journalist held by Islamic State

Official says eight Lebanese troops killed fighting militants

Colleague surprised at NT Labor president's decision to fight IS

Syrian president dismisses talks with 'puppets' in interview

Hezbollah under pressure to act after Israeli strike

2 Japanese hostages: How their lives got intertwined

A look at the hostages believed held by Islamic State group

Turkey's porous Syria border no barrier for jihadists

NT Labor president flies to Syria to fight Islamic State

Moscow hosts Syria talks, little hope of breakthrough

Israel ready for Hezbollah retaliation, says defence minister

Obama to call for new war powers to fight IS: excerpts

Austria's first trial of alleged Islamic State fighter starts

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On Iraq visit, Jolie says world failing to avert disaster

Syrian air strike on rebel area kills more than 40: monitor

New UN program sends 54 convoys to Syria

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Lebanon judge summons 28 for Tripoli suicide blasts

U.S. ambivalence towards Moscow talks shows pressure easing on Syria's...

Lebanese troops battle militants near Syrian border