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Iran vice president under Ahmadinejad gets five years

World cricket chief guilty of conflict of interest: Indian court

'Death-qualified' juror search slows marathon, theater cases

Sex-abuse civil trial to unveil Boy Scout 'perversion' files

Egypt justice minister submits resignation

Man found not guilty of conspiracy in shooting case

Lawyer says convicted lobbyist won't go to jail

Jury considers verdict in heroin murder trial

2 get death in Pakistan case tainted by class

Calif. serial killer Richard Ramirez dies

Elderly shooter acquitted of attempted murder

NY judge to decide fate of Astor's son on Thursday

Tear gas in Kenya as prime minister files suit

Liam Jurrah not guilty of harming cousin

Mum strangler found guilty of manslaughter

Astor son, 88, loses appeal, could face prison

Dive shop owner not guilty of arson

Florida justices affirm verdict in smoker's death

Maine man convicted in Zumba prostitution case

Not guilty verdict for former Montana quarterback

Patel found not guilty of manslaughter

Judge overturns verdict to 'Price is Right' model

Casino mogul argumentative on 2nd day on stand

High roller trying his luck in High Court

Man faces SA retrial after hung jury

Patel back in court for review of charges

China to execute former street vendor, provoking outcry

Judge questions Hinch remorse

Indian cricket head Srinivasan reinstated by court

Bangladesh Islamist's war crimes life sentence revised to death

Tweeting to be allowed from South Australian courtrooms

SA man guilty of sexual advance murder

Vic man found guilty of Jazzy O murder

Final sentence handed down in Hughes shooting case

Judge won't toss $70M jury award against Sands

Appeal due in Rayney murder acquittal

Man convicted of brutal murder but co-accused acquitted after jury...

Terror plotters set to appeal convictions

OJ lawyers promise more appeals for new trial

US top court denies challenge to state's death penalty law

Italy sets Knox murder trial verdict for January 30

Manslaughter acquittal after bar fight

Rwandan opposition figure Ingabire sentenced to 15 years in jail

Japanese Olympic judo champion loses rape appeal

No defence put in Henk van Ooosterom manslaughter trial

Lorillard appeals in Mass. cigarette samples case

Autistic man gets life for mum's murder

Jury convicts man of toddler's murder

Egypt panel begins voting on draft constitution

Clarke brothers found guilty of murdering Perth businessman Peter Davis

United Brotherhood gang trio sentenced over meat cleaver murder of Kesley...

S.Africa okays sick notes from traditional healers