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Obama says hopes Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage

Supreme Court gives Missouri death row inmate another chance

Demonstrators crowd National Mall in annual March for Life

South Korea Supreme Court upholds sedition ruling against ex-MP

Inmate covered in neo-Nazi tattoos loses right to attorney

Georgia court denies stay for death row inmate claiming mental disability

U.S. top court rules for Muslim inmate over prison beard ban

Supreme Court divided over Florida judicial election law

US Supreme Court rules in favor of fired air marshal

Supreme Court backs former air marshal in whistleblower case

Supreme Court rejects challenge to debit card 'swipe fees' rules

Muslim prisoner can grow his beard: US Supreme Court

Activists disrupt U.S. top court, denounce campaign spending ruling

Campaign finance protest disrupts US top court

Federal judge strikes down gay-marriage ban in Alabama

Top South Korea court confirms jail term for pro-North MP

U.S. top court rejects appeals by Halliburton, KBR over conduct overseas

Pennsylvania high court halts any charges against attorney general

U.S. Seeks Review of Sweeping Ruling Limiting Insider Cases

U.S. Seeks Review of Sweeping Ruling Limiting Insider Cases

Fox loses U.S. copyright claims over Dish ad-skipper

On Roe v Wade anniversary, US House approves abortion curbs