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U.S. plans to arm Iraq's Sunni tribesmen with AK-47s, RPGs, mortars

Islamic State fighters battle Iraqi forces near Baiji refinery

Pope in Turkey to meet with Muslim leaders

Jail term of over four years sought for German Islamic State suspect

Iraq finance minister urges battle against graft in military

Syria 'no-fly zone' not being considered: NATO general

Syria 'no-fly zone' not being considered: NATO general

Syria 'no-fly zone' not being considered - NATO general

Pope urges solidarity to stop aggressors in Syria and Iraq

Iraqi Sunni cleric's convoy struck by bomb

Blasts aimed at Iraqi Shiites, police kill 23

In public shift, Israel calls for Assad's fall

Dozens killed in wave of bomb attacks across Iraq

Pakistan prison escapee evolves into al Qaeda-backed jailbreak artist

Syria's war splits nation into 3 distinct regions

Reversals in hard-won Iraqi city vex veterans

Syria horrors frame family's flight to exile

Iraqi army retakes western town seized by gunmen

Iraq forces 'lose more ground' in Anbar

Heavy clashes as Iraq fighting sparks rights worries

As fighting grips Iraq, Republicans reopen old war wounds

13 dead in north Iraq violence

Bombings, shootings in Iraq kill 19 people

Dozens killed in explosions across Baghdad

Attacks in Iraq around religious ritual kill 22

In northern Iraqi city, al-Qaida gathers strength

Shiite Iraq militia claims it attacked Iran group

Iraq increasingly drawn into Syrian battlefield

Al-Qaida's Iraq head defies boss over Syria fight

Iraq attacks leave 31 dead, mostly security forces

Iraq attacks make for deadly start to holy month

Deadly attacks in Iraq since US troop pullout

Possible culprits in Hezbollah commander's killing

AP Interview: Sunni Iraq official criticizes force

Militants attack Pakistani army camp 6 killed

Series of bombings in Baghdad area kill dozens

Yemen panel agrees on new system of 6 regions

Oil up as U.S. looks to Iran over Iraq

Sunni militants capture Iraqi city near Syria

Brahimi says world neglect of Syria behind Iraq unrest

Iran warns against military intervention in Iraq

Prospect of new Iraq fight turns hawks into doves

Iraqis fleeing Sunni insurgents take shelter in Kirkuk

Graphic Content: ISIL release 'execution' video

Biden: Iraq Needs Assistance, Unity

Iraq targets insurgents in Mosul, ISIL moves seized tanks into Syria

Sunni militants attack Iraq's main oil refinery

Jihadists win headlines, but coalition behind Iraq drive

Sunni militant infighting kills 17 in Iraq's Kirkuk

Syria activists campaign against 'blood election'

After Assad's election triumph, fear grips stay-at-home Syrians