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Suicide blast at Afghan volleyball game kills around 50

Boko Haram sows fear through female suicide bombers

Suicide attackers target foreign compound in Kabul

IS claims Baghdad bomb attack on UN convoy

Suicide car bomb kills 5 in Iraqi Kurdish capital

Suicide car bomb kills five in Iraqi Kurdish capital

Hamas, Islamic Jihad hail Jerusalem synagogue attackĀ 

IOC condemns suicide bomb at volleyball tournament

Official: 60 extremist backers from Germany dead

Attacks in Kabul raise concerns about security

Suicide blast kills dozens in Afghanistan

Kabul suicide blast kills two guards at foreign compound

Militant attack deaths soar to all-time high: report

Biden, Morocco king focus on non-military aspects of terror war

India hands dossier to Bangladesh on terror plots

Islamic State has lured 550 Germans into fighting: spy agency

Four dead in suspected Palestinian attack on Jerusalem synagogue

Militant attack deaths soar to all-time high

Egypt arrests senior Muslim Brotherhood member

Suicide bomber hits Iraq Kurdish city, 4 killed

Jerusalem attack 'act of pure terror': Kerry

Washington state school gunman's texts warned of violence, suicide

Man charged over New York subway death

Israel revokes residency of Palestinian over 2001 attack

Nigeria seeks to extend emergency laws in insurgency-hit states

Afghan talks must not bargain away women's rights: Oxfam

Female Afghan MP injured but defiant after suicide attack

In Jerusalem, common fear grips Israelis and Palestinians

Israel vows harsh response to synagogue attack

Israel bars Norwegian doctor, but denies life ban

Egypt closes schools in Sinai towns as area inches towards open war

Israel eyes powers to target Arab residency, welfare rights

Israelis, Palestinians look to personal safety in holy city on edge

Bay of Pigs vet, families seek billions from Cuba

Sinai caught in the middle of Egypt's 'war on terror'

France grapples with homegrown jihadism

AP Exclusive: Some in NSA warned of a backlash

Islamic State group recruits, exploits children

Immigrant hospitality boosts Sicily economy, Mafia 'cash in'

AP Exclusive: Before Snowden, a debate inside NSA

At least 12 killed by female suicide bomber in Nigeria

MPs corrupt over pokies: Wilkie

UK police say they won't charge hacker

Gunman kills 26 at Conn. school, commits suicide

Attacks kill Afghan police chief, official

Karzai says he'll meet with Obama in Washington

Global doomsday hot spots draw believers, revelers

Pakistan: Bhutto's son launches political career

Israel-Hamas cease-fire remains elusive

Taliban suicide bomber kills 23 in Pakistan

Clinton decries violence in northwestern Pakistan

AP Exclusive: Nigeria secret police details leaked

Lull in fighting between Israel, Gaza militants

Officials: Afghan Bomber Kills at Least 36

US drones kill senior Taliban figure in Pakistan