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Sudan steps up pressure on UN mission in Darfur

Sudan drops off Internet on 3rd day of riots

Hundreds of S.Sudanese flee to Sudan: UN source

Kony's LRA still holding on in Central Africa

Muslims stone 'devil' at hajj as Eid feast begins

Libya's overstretched border police struggle to secure border

Sudan warplanes bomb South Sudan border zones: reports

Sudan could be arming S. Sudan rebels, says report

Sudan calls on US to issue visa for UN summit

Uganda warns South Sudan rebel leader

Bashir, Kiir pledge to open new page in Sudan ties, keep oil running

Libya PM in Khartoum for talks with Sudan president

Joseph Kony's rebels sell ivory, minerals: report

Rape and murder in South Sudan's Bor

Arson and looting may have displaced 40,000 in Sudan's Darfur

Report: Sudan is supporting rebels in South Sudan

US man claims Africa land, makes daughter a 'princess'

Diplomat: Sudan leader has fled Nigeria

Sudanese army deploys after deadly Khartoum riots

African Union: South Sudan to restart pumping oil

South Sudanese refugees no strangers to Sudan

Indonesian military chief says he understands Australia's boat policy

Gaza war spurs more Palestinians to risk dangerous migration to Europe

US scrambles to avert civil war in South Sudan

Sudanese protesters demand the regime's ouster

Authorities censor Sudan's largest newspaper

C. African Republic president flees to Cameroon

Sudan, Egypt officers collude in migrant abuse: rights group

Fears South Sudan conflict could infect region

Eritreans stranded for week on Israel-Egypt border

UN helicopter shot down in South Sudan

'Chadian troops killed' in Darfur tribal fight

Analysis - South Sudan's Kiir faces growing dissent as new state stumbles

Disputed Sudans region vows to hold own referendum

Libya accuses Sudan of arming 'terror' groups

Egypt Islamist leader cautious on Gaza crisis

U.N. raises alarm over escalating violence in Darfur

Kony's rebels change tactics to evade hunt

Dubai rape dispute points to wider Islamic rules

Group: Sudan army supporting fugitive warlord Kony

African Union gives ICC ultimatum over Kenyatta trial

Sudan says foreign parties fuelling Libya unrest

Military: South Sudan rebels set eyes on capital

Asylum seekers claim Navy mistreated them in Indonesia boat tow-back

Rebels hold key oil capital in South Sudan

US to hand over tanker with contraband oil back to Libya