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South Sudan rivals agree new 'unity deal'

S. Sudan gov't and rebels agree to re-unify political party

Hundreds of South Sudan child soldiers freed

UN urges immediate application of South Sudan unity deal

Hospital 'targeted' in Sudan government air raid

South Sudan rivals agree new 'unity deal'

14 candidates to run against Bashir in Sudan election

LRA rebel, set for war crimes trial, was a child soldier

Florida man seeks trademark on slogan 'Je Suis Charlie'

Saudi Arabia holds funeral of King Abdullah

Five Cameroon v Ivory Coast facts

MasterCard to allow transactions in Cuba using U.S.: issued cards

MasterCard to allow transactions in Cuba using U.S.-issued cards

Facebook unveils 'lite' app for emerging markets

Sudanese opposition to withdraw from failing dialogue

Ugandan LRA defector makes first ICC appearance, thanks God

IMF's Lagarde warns African economies of headwinds from China, U.S

US halts some counter-terrorism efforts in Yemen

Greece ready to head to the polls

After 37 years in prison, innocent man freed

Chad strongman wins control of regional fight against Boko Haram

Le Roy savouring Congo's Cup of Nations

Uganda Lord's Resistance Army leader faces war crimes judges

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