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Three dead as police storm Sydney cafe to end hostage siege

Senate aims to vote Monday on $1.1 trillion spending bill

Police storm Sydney cafe to end hostage siege, three dead

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New Jersey Sen. Lautenberg dead at 89

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Big name Italy elex produce surprise frontrunner

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Rangel celebrates though primary too close to call

Bolivia's president to seek third term to expand social reforms

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Australia police kill 'terror suspect' after two officers stabbed

Legendary Vietnam Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap dies at 102

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Hezbollah says it will keep fighting in Syria

In Egypt bloodshed, dozens of Morsi backers killed

Conflict, an alleged chemical attack, and fallout

Obama to visit Israel, first time as president

New pope's views bind simplicity with 'complexity'

Lavrov: Russia would back NKorea talks in Geneva

Azerbaijan jails investigative journalist

Without big donors, Akin seeks small handouts

'Hard road ahead' on Iran nuke deal

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Rouhani says Iran willing to forswear nuclear arms: TV interview

Watchdog wants to speed up Syrian disarmament

Boston, NYC mayors to skip St. Pat's parades

Former warlord launches campaign to succeed Karzai

Japan to arm remote western island, risking more China tension

A nation in peril: Iraq's struggle to hold together

Iran's elite Guards fighting in Iraq to push back Islamic State

Turkey fears influx of 2-3 million more Syrian refugees

Democrats target Paul Ryan on women's issues

Rival of Merkel takes pacifist stance on Syria before TV duel

Historic phone call, then optimism for US, Iran

Syria, Iran say Assad to remain in power till 2014

Police watchdog under siege in Ukraine amid unrest

British parliament approves air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq

Syria, Iran slam US strategy in fighting Islamic State

Analysis: US irked by Google chief's NKorea plans

France waits on US vote over Syria strikes

New clashes kill 2 as Morsi backers defiant

Biden on Iran threat: Obama is not bluffing

Japan to join talks on Pacific trade pact

Thailand's turmoil spotlights a colorful country

Colombia's Uribe tries to oust Santos with new presidential pick

Southeast Asia group calls on China to speed up maritime security talks

US envoy says no guarantee NKorea will free Bae

Can a Louisianan unite warring US Republican factions?

As deaths rise, no end seen to Israeli offensive

Cameron recalls parliament to sanction air strikes against Islamic State

Japan defense review with U.S. may face political delays: report

U.S. Senate leader Reid hopes for budget approval Friday

Obama wades into thorny Asian territorial row