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Yemen Shiite rebel leader vows not to surrender amid strikes

US message to Kenya doesn't name president-elect

Egypt launches new assault against Sinai militants

Capture of Zetas leader unlikely to quell violence

Kashmir rappers battle to be heard

Defiant Assad pledges to continue fighting

Egypt names Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group

S.Sudan rivals in fresh battles, struggle to start peace talks

Powerful bombing at Egypt police station kills 15

Turkey: Rift with US-based cleric widens

Egyptian student dies during protests at campus

Obama takes tougher line against Gaza casualties

Libya standoff emerges as premier refuses to yield to successor

Libya sees election as way out of security crisis

Russia says Ukraine situation worsening, submits UN resolution

Thailand warns people to stay away from protests

Egypt's el-Sissi promises progress in 2 years

Tackling poverty: DC community tries new approach

Egypt leader says public opposes the Brotherhood

Hardcore football fans to help police in Ukraine

Obama puts Ukraine violence squarely on Russia

Pakistan parliament backs embattled prime minister as crisis deepens

Pakistan anti-PM protesters storm state TV

Africa Union urges united stand against ICC trials

Egypt names new premier ahead of key vote

Ravens deny cover-up bid in Ray Rice case

Communication cut with tense south Egypt province

India voters kick off world's biggest election

India set to veer right as world's biggest polls begin

Kenyatta welcomed after ICC appearance

Nigeria's president announces second-term bid

After NYC deaths, a surge of support for police

ICC judges tell prosecutors to strengthen or drop Kenyatta case

Rolling Stone casts doubt on U.Va. rape story

Political revolt roils Sri Lanka presidential vote

AQAP says 'preparing" attacks on US, West: SITE

Europe's nightmare: Terror threats both large and small

Abu Hamza gets life in prison on U.S. terrorism conviction

Peltz Hastens DuPont’s Divorce From Soulmate Wilmington: Cities

US urges Sierra Leone VP and government to resolve spat

Army chief warns of IS spread to Europe if Libya gets no aid

Zimbabwe president says elections set for July 31

Heavy workload awaits next pope church in turmoil

Long wait in Kenya vote 19 dead in Mombasa

For a moment, US stopped to say farewell to JFK

Libyan protesters keep pressure on militias

Arab Spring haj pilgrims talk politics despite heavy security

Kenya votes to quit ICC, days before deputy president's trial

Iraqi art scene suffers as bombers hit public spaces, apathy sets in

Egypt Brotherhood leader denies 'terrorism' claim

Colts safety Lefeged arrested on gun charge in DC

Egypt protesters face 'unprecedented force' before vote

Feared Mexican Zetas Leader Z-40 now top target

CONVENTION WATCH: Michelle's words, Julian Castro

US-Iraq ties still evolving a year after war's end

Kenyatta trial doomed unless Kenya helps: ICC prosecutors

Court to decide whether to suspend Kenyatta trial over "obstructionism"

Egypt arrests 11 Islamists for Facebook activity