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Police come under questioning in case of New York boy missing since 1979

NYPD interrogation procedures questioned in case of 1979 murder

Supreme Court set to hear second major Obamacare challenge

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Longtime South Carolina journalist John Shurr dies

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U.S. Supreme Court split over Obamacare challenge

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Exclusive - Obama defends lack of 'Plan B' for Obamacare court case

Exclusive: Obama defends lack of 'Plan B' for Obamacare court case

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Petrobras scandal takes Brazilian politicians to Supreme Court

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Doctors, patients scramble ahead of high court Obamacare decision

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Justices sharply divided over health care law subsidies

Nitrogen gas executions approved by Oklahoma House

Doctors, patients scramble ahead of high court Obamacare decision

Investigation of politicians sought in Brazil graft scandal

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Upping juvenile criminal age to 18 may be Texas non-starter

Saudi king keeps close hand on oil in remodelling strategic team

Analysis - Saudi king keeps close hand on oil in remodelling strategic team

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