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Expert: Iran nuclear talks failure could result in escalation

US health system reveals gown to cover rears

Protesters attack governing party offices in Oaxaca as anger boils over...

Polish board game mocks communist rationing system

Health system reveals hospital gown to cover rears

Egypt to host major economic conference in March

Kailash Satyarthi

Petition demands reprieve for Port Adelaide Magistrates Court

Florida State shooting injures three, gunman killed

Florida shooting witness: "Every student here thought it was a textbook"

FSU library "packed with students" at time of shooting: police

Homelessness hits one in 30 US children

Mitsubishi UFJ fined $315 mn over Iran sanctions violations

U.S. Justice Dept collects record $24 billion in penalties in fiscal 2014

Grocon ordered to pay $250,000 fine for fatal wall collapse

Second Frenchman identified on IS beheading video: prosecutor

German growth 'sluggish' until year-end: Bundesbank

Enel to price Endesa shares at 13.5 euros - sources

Departing Smithsonian head says museums more vital

Second Frenchman identified on IS beheading video - prosecutor

U.S. Federal Reserve to review how it supervises major banks

Chinese state media give profs a chilling warning

Turkish media linked to exiled cleric say they shut out by government

IMF, World Bank policies may share blame in Ebola crisis

Deal with Iran could end isolation but would it stop an arms race?

With no US immigration reform, states are stepping in

Militants could have drawn Lebanon into civil war: army chief

Militants could have drawn Lebanon into civil war - army chief

Britain begins review to speed access to new drugs

Nico Rosberg

Militant attack deaths soar to all-time high: report

Putin says Russia wants to have normal relations with U.S. and Europe

China's President Xi targets strategic ties in Pacific

Tasmania's three poppy processors will start research on a devastating...

Corruption case in US state jail goes to trial

Signs N.Korea preparing bomb material amid nuclear test threats

Attorney: Stabbing suspect, 12, not fit for trial

Washington gun law leads museum to remove rifles

Kailash Satyarthi

Pope meets with autistic children

Saudi Arabia leans on Gulf states to close ranks as region boils