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Germany's Guenter Grass, author of 'The Tin Drum,' dies at 87

Germany's Guenter Grass, author of 'The Tin Drum', dies at 87

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Spy claims send allies complaining to Obama

German-US talks on 'no-spying' accord ongoing

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Germany investigating second US spy suspect

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The man who opened the Berlin Wall 25 years ago

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Wall's fall was dream come true for Bayern boss

German pensioner needs drill to dig for Nazi-looted Amber Room

History weighs heavily on Berlin's football clubs

Germany's Merkel urges patience on NSA answers

German candidates clash on euro and taxes in tight TV duel

US surveillance becomes election issue in Germany

German ex-chancellor Schroeder accuses U.S. of disrespect over spying

Germany opens criminal probe over Merkel phone tapping

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US now bugging German ministers in place of Merkel

Berlin exhibition tells story of Bowie's 'Heroes' years

US spying has shattered allies' trust: Merkel

Germany opens criminal probe over Merkel phone tapping

German president uneasy over ex-communist governor

US eavesdropping on hundreds of key German figures

EU court rejects requirement to keep data of telecom users

Bowie's Berlin comeback -- if just for a retrospective

Difficulties remain between Germany, U.S. on surveillance issue

Merkel ally says US assurances on NSA spying 'insufficient'

Merkel vows support for Korean reunification bid

German police find Stasi chief's stolen phone in Berlin flat

Obama invites Merkel to Washington after phone-tap row

US spies to remain 'interested' in foreign govts: Obama

German carmakers consider black box recorders for self-drive cars

Germany arrests suspected double agent spying for US

Protesters claim they were 'hooded and stripped' at ASIS base

Berlin Wall opening remains fresh on minds

Case dropped against German over WWII French massacre