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Tanzania denies plans to evict 40,000 for hunting park

Tanzania threat to 'evict' 40,000 for hunting park: campaigners

Namibian government dehorns rhino to curb poaching

Neuroscientist Lyn Beazley named WA's Australian of the Year

Under threat: Kenya's iconic Nairobi national park

In space-starved Mumbai, docklands provide room for a view

Militants seize hometown of kidnapped schoolgirls

Work starts in Ukraine to collect wreckage of MH17

South Africa seeks to move rhinos from harm's way

China's $350M bridge gets scant N. Korean welcome

iSolated: Bad Apple Maps directions lead to desert

iSolated: Bad Apple Maps directions lead to desert

Moves to further protect Antarctica

Venezuela searches for lost plane with Missoni CEO

Cyprus signs gas drilling deal with consortium

Shale, oil and gas mining debate erupts in Tasmania

Border the issue, not PNG solution: Newman

Asylum seekers threaten to sink Australian government in election

Banjima people win native title claim in the Pilbara

Lessons learned at Australia's vast Outback classroom

As LA-area fire wanes, dangerous conditions remain

Britain's Prince William begins course at Cambridge University

Peru gets more ocean, Chile keeps fishing grounds

World court awards Peru swathe of Chile's fish-rich sea

Scientists warn on dwindling jaguar population

Russia slammed as Antarctic talks fail

Russia, China blamed for failure of plan to create Antarctic marine...

Dutch team powers to World Solar Challenge win

Israel, Hamas square up for next Gaza duel

Brazil confirms huge spike in Amazon deforestation

Holy Land archaeological treasure hurt by politics

Five dead, 40 missing in Canada train fire

Giant telescope gathers first images

Chinese premier visits India to boost ties

Putin orders military to boost Arctic presence

Native title claim on NSW north coast approved by Federal Court

Research shows single-use plastic contaminating our oceans

India plans new sanctuary to boost tiger numbers

New Archbishop calls for greater support for victims of child sex abuse

Brazil's Vale to halve stake in Belo Monte dam consortium

China: Landslide buries 83 in Tibet gold mine area

Rouhani calls for 'fair' nuclear talks as Iran marks revolution

India tiger hunters on stakeout for 'hungry' man-eater

Poachers massacre 68 elephants in Congo park

'Plastic-eating' microbes help marine debris sink: study

Australia probes possible MH370 witness account

Australia, Malaysia still to decide MH370 search costs

Top Enders urged to burn 'responsibly' to help wildlife

Strike call in Turkey as mine blast toll rises to 274

Grainger Energy Director says company plans to be open about CSG...

Pine Hill Station sold in the NT

Angry Abbott rejects Russian crash stance

Young beef producers want greater consumer focus

Malaysia to deploy more equipment in MH370 search

Wallaby boom costing northern cattle industry millions

Blue and white deluge hits Porto Alegre

Sorting out the cattle and the costs after a long summer

Statoil empty-handed after summer Arctic drilling campaign

MH370 underwater search area expands

Imploding sub a 'tragic loss': Titanic director

Israel closes Golan zone adjacent to Syria

Prospectors urged to carry locator beacons after safety guidelines review

MH370 search area narrowed

Brazil police push into Rio de Janeiro slums