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Scientists name new species of wasp after Boston Bruins goalie Rask

Newly discovered wasp named after Boston Bruins goalie Rask

Gray wolves, once decimated by eradication campaign, rebound in Oregon

Aggressive owl sinks its talons into residents of Dutch town

Huge plant that waited 80 years to flower has month to live

Sea World polar bears celebrate international day

Animals in the news around the globe

EU, others: Catch plans for Bluefin tuna threaten recovery

'Birdman' vs 'Boyhood' Oscar battle heats up after Spirit Awards

Rio officials probe source of fish die-off in Olympic waters

Some California farmers to go without federal water

Birdman versus Boyhood Oscar battle heats up after Spirit Awards

'Birdman' tops Spirit Awards Keaton takes best actor

Overfishing driving slavery on Thailand's seafood boats

Curses protected Indian river, but now it faces modern world

Ant gin, cricket soup: Bugs crawl onto menu at Cordon Bleu

Smart thinking needed as Perth and its issues expand

Wildlife agency to list all chimps as endangered

Dishing up trash: New look for sustainable seafood

Boat filled with protected species hits coral reef

Upper Klamath Basin braces for irrigation shutoffs

'Scissor-handed' creepy-crawly named after Johnny Depp

Another Tarkine mine gets green light

Lawmaker disputes impact of budget cuts on parks

Shy Elcho dolphins under boffin microscope

Review: 'Defiance' merges video game with TV drama

Timber! Forest Service asks states to return cash

IEA: Energy emissions rose to record high in 2012

NY town eyes limit on use of Plum Island

Protesters vow to act as 'human shields' to protect kangaroos during ACT...

Son seeks greater share of zoo bequest

'Red List' introduced to protect at risk ecosystems

In Vietnam, a Cuban rat poison finds new market

Fishers worried by fall in nipper numbers

Circus Elephant Wounded in Drive-By Shooting

Agency plans workshops on harbor seal protections

Alarm over vanishing frogs in the Caribbean

Science targets marauding Top End feral cats

Antarctica concerns grow as tourism numbers rise

'Kimberley Ark' gene bank to save species from toad plague

Vic fishing impact on habitat highlighted

Husband to stand trial over Allison Baden-Clay murder

New Zealand suffering biggest drought in 30 years

Bald eagles focus of E. Shore wind farm dispute

CSG law changes at odds with mining, agriculture

Tough winter forces owls south in hunt for food

High prices expected for Maine elver season

Iconic tree removal from road to Government House

Conservation body votes to protect timber species

Hunting zone covers highway: Greens

Online ivory trade threatens Africa's elephants

Coral comeback: Reef 'seeding' in the Caribbean

Administration warns of impact of broad budget cut

Study: Asian carp DNA may not signal live fish

Rat tales abound in NYC after Superstorm Sandy

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Rare insect find sparks beetle mania

Mass fish deaths under investigation

Rare seabird found in southern Qld

Tasmania's forest inquiry tries 'speed-dating'

Expedition studies rare dolphins off Qld

Distinctive song sets Lombok owl apart

SA mass fish deaths 'a natural phenomena'

Call for more research into Pacific biodiversity

Ban on catching cuttlefish introduced

WA's coral reefs turn pink from spawning

Report: Asian carp may have reached Great Lakes

Men's sex chromosome is doomed: scientist

Exxon identifies 8 species near gas field

New requirements for ballast water dumped by ships

Questions in China on how H7N9 flu strain killed 2

Fish rescued from Vic bushfire hit zone

Mighty mites take on notorious weed

APNewsBreak: No pups born to Isle Royale wolves

Study finds fish worldwide are shrinking in size